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Periodical: NSAC National Spiritualist | NSAC Summit

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

National Spiritualist, The.
Official Publication of the National Spiritualist Association [of America / of Churches, U.S.A.].
The Best in Spiritualism
1919 Monthly
Chicago, IL; from 1938 in Cassadaga, FL; then Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix, AZ, Mount Dora, FL. Publisher: National Spiritualists' Association of the U.S.A.; Stow Memorial Foundation; Summit Publications. Editor: George Warne, founder and editor; James Abbott; Mary Ridpath Mann, Joseph P. Whitwell. Succeeded by: Summit of Spiritual Understanding (1963-1974)-->The National Spiritualist (1974-1978)-->National Spiritualist Summit of Spiritual Understanding (1979-1981 )-->The National Spiritualist Summit (1981-present) Corporate author: National Spiritualist Association [of America/ of Churches, U.S.A.]1/1, January 1919-current. 16 pp. (varies), $1.00 a year.

From 1963 to 1974 this was called The Summit of Spiritual Understanding; from 1974 to 1978 The National Spiritualist; from 1979 to 1981 The National Spiritualist Summit of Spiritual Understanding; and from 1981 to the present the National Spiritualist Summit. Organ of the dominant American spiritualist organization, the National Spiritualists Association of Churches. Beginning in 1938 this was published in Cassadaga, Florida, then after 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently in Phoenix, Arizona. The journal mirrors the fortunes of spiritualism as a movement over almost a century. The journal's content reflects the progression of the movement, already well under way when the journal began, from the vehicle for making known to the world the wonderful reality of communications from beyond the grave, to an inner-directed house-organ for a religious sect. The journal's lists of lecturers, mediums, churches and associations provide an invaluable resource for the study of spiritualism in the period. NYPL; LOC; Los Angeles Public Library; Harvard University; Wisconsin Historical Society; and many other locations in OCLC. ATLA microfilm.

Issues:National Spiritualist V17 N197 May 1 1935
National Spiritualist V38 N386 Sep 1956
National Spiritualist V40 N408 Aug 1958
National Spiritualist V40 N410 Sep 1958
NSAC Summit V45 N470 Sep 1963
NSAC Summit V46 N485 Dec 1964
NSAC Summit V50 N526 May 1968
NSAC Summit V50 N530 Sep 1968
NSAC Summit V50 N533 Dec 1968
NSAC Summit V51 N543 Oct 1969
NSAC Summit V51 N545 Dec 1969
NSAC Summit V52 N522 Jul 1970
NSAC Summit V53 N566 Sep 1971
NSAC Summit V54 N574 May 1972
NSAC Summit V54 N581 Dec 1972
NSAC Summit V55 N582 Jan 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N583 Feb 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N587 Jul-aug 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N588 Sep 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N589 Oct 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N590 Nov 1973
NSAC Summit V55 N591 Dec 1973
NSAC Summit V56 N592 Jan 1974
NSAC Summit V56 N593 Feb 1974
NSAC Summit V56 N594 Mar 1974
NSAC Summit V56 N595 Apr 1974
NSAC Summit V56 N596 May 1974
NSAC Summit V56 N597 Jun-jul 1974
National Spiritualist V56 N598 Aug-sep 1974
National Spiritualist V56 N600 Oct 1974
National Spiritualist V56 N601 Nov 1974
National Spiritualist V58 N615 Jan 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N616 Feb 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N617 Mar 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N618 Apr 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N619 May 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N620 Jun 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N621 Jul 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N622 Aug 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N623 Sep 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N624 Oct 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N625 Nov 1976
National Spiritualist V58 N626 Dec 1976
National Spiritualist V59 N627 Jan 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N628 Feb 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N629 Mar 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N630 Apr 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N631 May 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N632 Jun 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N633 Jul 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N634 Aug 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N635 Sep 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N636 Oct 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N637 Nov 1977
National Spiritualist V59 N638 Dec 1977
National Spiritualist V60 N639 Jan 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N640 Feb 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N641 Mar 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N642 Apr 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N643 May 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N644 Jun 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N645 Jul 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N646 Aug 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N647 Sep 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N648 Oct 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N649 Nov 1978
National Spiritualist V60 N650 Dec 1978
NSAC Summit V61 N651 Jan 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N652 Feb 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N653 Mar 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N654 Apr 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N655 May 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N656 Jun 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N657 Jul 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N658 Aug 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N659 Sep 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N660 Oct 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N661 Nov 1979
NSAC Summit V61 N662 Dec 1979
NSAC Summit V62 N663 Jan 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N664 Feb 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N665 Mar 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N666 Apr 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N667 May 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N668 Jun 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N669 Jul 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N670 Aug 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N671 Sep 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N672 Oct 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N673 Nov 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N673 Nov 1980 Second Copy
NSAC Summit V62 N674 Dec 1980
NSAC Summit V62 N674 Dec 1980 Second Copy
NSAC Summit V63 N675 Jan 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N676 Feb 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N677 Mar 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N678 Apr 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N679 May 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N680 Jun 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N681 Jul 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N682 Aug 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N683 Sep 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N684 Oct 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N685 Nov 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N685 Nov 1981 Second Copy
NSAC Summit V63 N686 Dec 1981
NSAC Summit V63 N686 Dec 1981 Second Copy
NSAC Summit V67 N723 Jan 1985
NSAC Summit V68 N738 May 1986
NSAC Summit V73 N795 Sep 1991
NSAC Summit V74 N806 Aug 1992
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