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Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Sequence: Theosophic Messenger (1899-1912); absorbed The American Theosophist (1908-1909)-->The American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913)-->The American Theosophist (1913-1914)--> The Messenger (1913-1927)-->The Theosophical Messenger (1927-1932)-->The American Theosophist (1933-1996)-->The Quest

Theosophic Messenger, The.
A Monthly Magazine for the Interchange of Theosophical Opinions and News.
San Francisco, CA, then Chicago, Il, and then Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: American Section of the Theosophical Society. Editor: W.J. Walters. Succeeds: American Theosophist (absorbed 1909) Succeeded by: The American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913)-->American Theosophist (1913-1914); The Messenger (1913-1927)-->The Theosophical Messenger (1927-1932)-->The American Theosophist (1933-1996)-->The Quest
1/1, October 1899-14/3, December 1912.

Absorbed L.W. Rogers' American Theosophist, founded 1908, after the issue for October 1909, avowedly to further "cooperation” among American Theosophists at Annie Besant's suggestion, but more cynically to lessen competition and ensure conformity in the American Section. At the end of 1912, in order to increase the journal's circulation and to more formally distinguish Theosophical material from matters of more general interest the journal became the American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger, which in turn split in June 1913, becoming (1) the American Theosophist (1913-1914) and (2) the Messenger (1913-1927). Fifty cents a year, 12-128 pp. The journal had become the official organ of the American Section of the Theosophical Society in 1907 under General Secretary, Weller Van Hook, and immediately placed itself in the midst of the "Leadbeater Affair” by inviting Leadbeater to contribute to the journal despite his resignation, and actively defended Leadbeater in its pages. Walters had earlier edited Mercury (absorbed by Theosophical Review), and also edited The Golden Chain, a Theosophical paper for children. The journal contained reports of the activities of the American Section and of Theosophy worldwide and contributions by Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, Alexander Fullerton, L.W. Rogers, H.S. Olcott, Henry Hotchner, M.L. Scott-Eliot, Mary Weeks Burnett, A.P. Warrington, Jacob Bonggren, C. Jinarajadasa, Weller Van Hook, Mary K. Neff, Marie Russak, Claude Bragdon, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, et al. Notable obituaries of the early American Theosophists. Table of contents prepared by the Campbell Theosophical Research Library, Sydney, Australia, online at LOC; NYPL; Columbia University; Princeton Theological Seminary; University of Pennsylvania, etc.

[1] American Theosophist, The.
1908--1909 Monthly
Albany, NY. Editor: L.W. Rogers. Succeeded by: Theosophic Messenger-->The American Theosophist
1/1, April 1908-2/7, October 1909. 16 pp., $1.00 a year.

L.W. (Louis William) Rogers (1859-1953) was a railroad man, union organizer and socialist agitator before he turned to Theosophy and the occult. (He once said that he had been introduced to occultism when Eugene V. Debs, of all people, gave him a book on the subject.) He joined the Theosophical Society (Adyar) in 1903 and at the time he started this journal he held no office in the society (he became President of the American section in 1920). Rogers's goal in establishing the journal was to spread the word on Theosophy and to give "especial attention to elementary teaching . . . designed to meet the necessities of those who know little or nothing of the philosophy." Part of this was the recurring column called "Hints to Young Students of Occultism." The journal was totally given over to the prevailing "Neo-Theosophy" or "psychism" of the times, concentrating on clairvoyance, self-development, unfoldment of psychic powers, etc., and never even mentioned the name of H.P. Blavatsky except to note her role in starting the Theosophical Society. Rogers' views on the goals of what he thought of as occultism can be seen in his Self-Development and the Way to Power (Los Angeles: L.W. Rogers, 1916). Contributions by Claude Bragdon, C. Jinarajadasa, C.W. Leadbeater, et al. In the last issue of the journal, October 1909, Rogers announced the discontinuance of the journal, at the request of Annie Besant, to put his energies into Theosophic Messenger, which in turn became the American Theosophist (1913). The same issue also carried an article by Leadbeater suggestively entitled "Our Relation to Children." NYPL; Princeton Theological Seminary; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Wilmington University, etc.

American Theosophist and the Theosophic Messenger, The / The American Theosophist.
A Journal of Occultism.
Other titles: The American Theosophist
1913--1914 Monthly
Krotona, Hollywood, then Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: American Section of the Theosophical Society. Editor: A.P. Warrington.
Succeeds: Theosophic Messenger (1899-1912); absorbed The American Theosophist (1908-1909)-->The American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913) Succeeded by: The Messenger (1913-1927)-->The Theosophical Messenger (1927-1932)-->The American Theosophist (1933-1996)-->The Quest
14/3, January 1913-16/1, October-November 1914.

Continued volume numbering of Theosophic Messenger. From January to May 1913 the journal was called the American Theosophist and the Theosophic Messenger. In June 1913, in order better to distinguish official pronouncements of the Theosophical Society from matters of more general interest, the journal was split and became the American Theosophist (which ceased with October-November 1914) and the Messenger: Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society (which lasted until 1927). $1.50 a year, 100 pp. Warrington was the President of the American Section of the Theosophical Society, 1912-1920. He moved the headquarters from Chicago to Hollywood (Krotona) in 1912, where this journal was published. It contained reports of the activities of the American Section of the Theosophical Society and the society worldwide, extensive discussion of J. Krisnamurti, supplements by the General Secretary, . Contributions by Marie Russak, C. Jinarajadasa, L.W. Rogers, Annie Besant, Weller van Hook, Clara M. Codd, L.A. Bosman, Marie Russak, Jacob Bonggren, Claude Bragdon, Mary K. Neff, and other Theosophists of the period. The table of contents of this is now online at Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Española; Munich BSB; Stanford University.

Messenger, The.
Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society.
1913--1927 Monthly
Chicago, IL, then Krotona, Hollywood, CA, then Mount Morris/Wheaton, IL. Publisher: Theosophical Press / Theosophical Publishing House. Editor: A.P. Warrington; L.W. Rogers; assistant editor, Gail Wilson' May S. Rogers; May S. Rogers. Succeeds: Theosophic Messenger (1899-1912); absorbed The American Theosophist (1908-1909)-->The American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913)-->American Theosophist (1913-1914) Succeeded by: The Theosophical Messenger (1927-1932)-->The American Theosophist (1933-1996)-->The Quest
Corporate author: Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society
1/1, June 1913-15/6, November 1927. $1.00 a year, 24-28 pp.

This journal was the result of the split in June 1913 of what had been the merger of L.W. Rogers' American Theosophist and the Theosophic Messenger in order to better distinguish official pronouncements of the Theosophical Society from matters of more general occult interest, with this journal becoming the official organ of the American Theosophical Society. Rogers (1959-1953) was a Theosophist and New Thought leader, the tenor of whose thought is exemplified in titles of his books: Self-Development and The Way to Power, Hints to Young Students of Occultism, etc. Contributions by Bessie Leo, H.N. Stokes, L.W. Rogers, A.P. Warrington, Marie Russak Hotchener, Albert E.S. Smythe, et al. Noted in William C. Hartmann's Who's Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925). Princeton University; University of Pennsylvania; Harvard University; Boston University; University of Chicago.

Theosophical Messenger, The.
Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society.
1927--1932 Monthly
Wheaton, IL.
Succeeds: Theosophic Messenger (1899-1912); absorbed The American Theosophist (1908-1909)-->The American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913)-->American Theosophist (1913-1914); The Messenger (1913-1927) Succeeded by: The American Theosophist (1933-1996)-->The Quest
15/7, December 1927-20/12, December 1932. 32 pp., $1.00 a year.

This was the continuation of the sequence of official journals of the American Theosophical Society and featured reports of the doings of the lodges in the American Section and worldwide and articles by Geoffrey Hodgson, George S. Arundale, L.W. Rogers, et al. Columbia University; Princeton Theological Seminary; University of Pennsylvania; Harvard University, etc.

[2] American Theosophist, The.
Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society.
1933--1996 Monthly
Wheaton, IL.
Editor: Sidney A. Smith, Virginia Hanson, Dora Kunz.
Succeeds: American Theosophist (1908-1909)-->American Theosophist and Theosophic Messenger (1913-1914)-->The Messenger (1913-1927)-->The Theosophical Messenger (1927-1932)
Succeeded by: The Quest Corporate author: Under the Auspices of the Theosophical Society Adyar
21/1, January 1933-1996. 24 pp., $1.00.

Contributions by all of the leading Theosophists of the period. The table of contents is now online at

Substantial portions of this collection are based on a large donation by the Portland, Oregon lodge of the Theosophical Society.

Issues:Theosophic Messenger V1 N1 Oct 1899
Theosophic Messenger V1 N2 Nov 1899
Theosophic Messenger V1 N3 Dec 1899
Theosophic Messenger V1 N4 Jan 1900
Theosophic Messenger V1 N5 Feb 1900
Theosophic Messenger V1 N6 Mar 1900
American Theosophist V1 Index
American Theosophist V1 Index 1908-9
American Theosophist V1 N1 Apr 1908
American Theosophist V1 N2 May 1908
American Theosophist V1 N3 Jun 1908
American Theosophist V1 N4 Jul 1908
American Theosophist V1 N5 Aug 1908
American Theosophist V1 N6 Sep 1908
American Theosophist V1 N7 Oct 1908
American Theosophist V1 N8 Nov 1908
American Theosophist V1 N9 Dec 1908
American Theosophist V1 N11 Feb 1909
American Theosophist V1 N12 Mar 1909
American Theosophist V1 Covers 1908-9
American Theosophist V2 N1 Apr 1909
American Theosophist V2 N2 May 1909
American Theosophist V2 N3 Jun 1909
American Theosophist V2 N4 Jul 1909
American Theosophist V2 N5 Aug 1909
American Theosophist V2 N6 Sep 1909
American Theosophist V2 N7 Oct 1909
American Theosophist V2 Covers 1909-10
Theosophic Messenger V10 N4 Jan 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N5 Feb 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N6 Mar 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N7 Apr 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N8 May 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N9 Jun 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N10 Jul 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N11 Aug 1909
Theosophic Messenger V10 N12 Sep 1909
Theosophic Messenger V11 N1 Oct 1909
Theosophic Messenger V11 N2 Nov 1909
Theosophic Messenger V11 N3 Dec 1909
Theosophic Messenger V11 N4 Jan 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N5 Feb 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N6 Mar 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N7 Apr 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N8 May 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N9 Jun 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N10 Jul 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N11 Aug 1910
Theosophic Messenger V11 N12 Sep 1910
Theosophic Messenger V12 Index 1910-11
Theosophic Messenger V12 N1 Oct 1910
Theosophic Messenger V12 N2 Nov 1910
Theosophic Messenger V12 N3 Dec 1910
Theosophic Messenger V12 N4 Jan 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N5 Feb 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N6 Mar 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N7 Apr 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N8 May 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N9 Jun 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N10 Jul 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N11 Aug 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 N12 Sep 1911
Theosophic Messenger V12 Covers 1910-11
Theosophic Messenger V13 Index
Theosophic Messenger V13 N1 Oct 1911
Theosophic Messenger V13 N2 Nov 1911
Theosophic Messenger V13 N3 Dec 1911
Theosophic Messenger V13 N4 Jan 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N5 Feb 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N6 Mar 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N7 Apr 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N8 May 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N9 Jun 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N10 Jul 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N11 Aug 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 N12 Sep 1912
Theosophic Messenger V13 Wrappers
Theosophic Messenger V14 Index 1912-3
Theosophic Messenger V14 N1 Oct 1912
Theosophic Messenger V14 N2 Nov 1912
Theosophic Messenger V14 N3 Dec 1912
American Theosophist And Theosophic Messenger V14 N4 Jan 1913
American Theosophist And Theosophic Messenger V14 N5 Feb 1913
American Theosophist And Theosophic Messenger V14 N6 Mar 1913
American Theosophist And Theosophic Messenger V14 N7 Apr 1913
American Theosophist And Theosophic Messenger V14 N8 May 1913
American Theosophist V14 N6 Mar 1913
American Theosophist V14 N9 Jun 1913
American Theosophist V14 N10 Jul 1913
American Theosophist V14 N11 Aug 1913
American Theosophist V14 N12 Sep 1913
American Theosophist V15 N1 Oct 1913
American Theosophist V15 N2 Nov 1913
American Theosophist V15 N3 Dec 1913
American Theosophist V15 N4 Jan 1914
American Theosophist V15 N5 Feb 1914
American Theosophist V15 N6 Mar 1914
American Theosophist V15 N7 Apr 1914
American Theosophist V15 N8 May 1914
American Theosophist V15 N8 Jun 1914
American Theosophist V15 N10 Jul 1914
American Theosophist V15 N11 Aug 1914
American Theosophist V15 N12 Sep 1914
American Theosophist V16 N1 Oct-Nov 1914
Messenger V1 N12 May 1914
Messenger V2 N5 Oct 1914
Messenger V2 N6 Nov 1914
Messenger V2 N7 Dec 1914
Messenger V2 N8 Jan 1915
Messenger V2 N9 Feb 1915
Messenger V2 N10 Mar 1915
Messenger V2 N11 Apr 1915
Messenger V2 N12 May 1915
Messenger V3 N1 Jun 1915
Messenger V3 N2 Jul 1915
Messenger V3 N3 Aug 1915
Messenger V3 N4 Sep 1915
Messenger V3 N5 Oct 1916
Messenger V3 N6 Nov 1915
Messenger V3 N7 Dec 1915
Messenger V3 N8 Jan 1916
Messenger V3 N9 Feb 1916
Messenger V3 N10 Mar 1916
Messenger V3 N11 Apr 1916
Messenger V3 N12 May 1916
Messenger V4 N1 Jun 1916
Messenger V4 N2 Jul 1916
Messenger V4 N3 Aug 1916
Messenger V4 N4 Sep 1916
Messenger V4 N5 Oct 1916
Messenger V4 N7 Dec 1916
Messenger V4 N8 Jan 1917
Messenger V4 N9 Feb 1917
Messenger V4 N10 Mar 1917
Messenger V4 N11 Apr 1917
Messenger V4 N12 May 1917
Messenger V5 N1 Jun 1917
Messenger V5 N2 Jul 1917
Messenger V5 N3 Aug 1917
Messenger V5 N4 Sep 1917
Messenger V5 N4 Sep 1917 Year Book And Directory
Messenger V5 N5 Oct 1917
Messenger V5 N6 Nov 1917
Messenger V5 N6 Nov 1917 Convention Supplement
Messenger V5 N9 Feb 1918
Messenger V5 N11 Apr 1918
Messenger V5 N12 May 1918
Messenger V6 N1 June 1918
Messenger V6 N2 July 1918
Messenger V6 N2 Jul 1918 Year Book And Directory
Messenger V6 N3 August 1918
Messenger V6 N4 September 1918
Messenger V6 N5 October 1918
Messenger V6 N6 November 1918
Messenger V6 N7 December 1918
Messenger V6 N9 February 1919
Messenger V6 N10 March 1919
Messenger V6 N11 April 1919
Messenger V6 N12 May 1919
Messenger V7 N1 June 1919
Messenger V7 N2 July 1919
Messenger V7 N3 August 1919
Messenger V7 N4 Sep 1919
Messenger V7 N5 October 1919
Messenger V7 N5 Oct 1919 Convention Supplement
Messenger V7 N6 November 1919
Messenger V7 N7 December 1919
Messenger V7 N8 January 1920
Messenger V7 N9 February 1920
Messenger V7 N11 April 1920
Messenger V7 N12 May 1920
Messenger V8 N1 June 1920
Messenger V8 N2 July 1920
Messenger V8 N3 August 1920
Messenger V8 N4 September 1920
Messenger V8 N5 October 1920
Messenger V8 N6 November 1920
Messenger V8 N7 December 1920
Messenger V8 N8 January 1921
Messenger V8 N9 February 1921
Messenger V8 N10 March 1921
Messenger V8 N11 April 1921
Messenger V8 N12 May 1921
Messenger V9 N1 Jun 1921
Messenger V9 N2 Jul 1921
Messenger V9 N3 Aug 1921
Messenger V9 N4 Sep 1921
Messenger V9 N5 Oct 1921
Messenger V9 N6 Nov 1921
Messenger V9 N7 Dec 1921
Messenger V9 N8 Jan 1922
Messenger V9 N10 Mar 1922
Messenger V10 N1 Jun 1922
Messenger V10 N3 Aug 1922
Messenger V10 N4 Sep 1922
Messenger V10 N5 Oct 1922
Messenger V10 N6 Nov 1922
Messenger V10 N7 Dec 1922
Messenger V11 N2 Jul 1923
Messenger V11 N3 Aug 1923
Messenger V11 N4 Sep 1923
Messenger V11 N5 Oct 1923
Messenger V11 N6 Nov 1923
Messenger V11 N7 Dec 1923
Messenger V11 N8 Jan 1924
Messenger V11 N9 Feb 1924
Messenger V11 N10 Mar 1924
Messenger V11 N11 Apr 1924
Messenger V11 N12 May 1924
Messenger V12 N1 Jun 1924
Messenger V12 N3 Aug 1924
Messenger V12 N3 Jul 1924
Messenger V12 N4 Sep 1924
Messenger V12 N5 Oct 1924
Messenger V12 N6 Nov 1924
Messenger V12 N7 Dec 1924
Messenger V12 N9 Feb 1925
Messenger V12 N10 Mar 1925
Messenger V12 N11 Apr 1925
Messenger V12 N12 May 1925
Messenger V13 N1 Jun 1925
Messenger V13 N2 Jul 1925
Messenger V13 N3 Aug 1925
Messenger V13 N4 Sep 1925
Messenger V13 N5 Oct 1925
Messenger V13 N7 Dec 1925
Messenger V13 N8 Jun 1926
Messenger V13 N10 Mar 1926
Messenger V13 N11 Apr 1926
Messenger V13 N12 May 1926
Messenger V14 N1 Jun 1926
Messenger V14 N2 Jul 1926
Messenger V14 N3 Aug 1926
Messenger V14 N4 Sep 1926
Messenger V14 N5 Oct 1926
Messenger V14 N6 Nov 1926
Messenger V14 N7 Dec 1926
Messenger V14 N8 Jan 1927
Messenger V14 N9 Feb 1927
Messenger V14 N10 Mar 1927
Messenger V14 N11 Apr 1927
Messenger V14 N12 May 1927
Messenger V15 N1 Jun 1927
Messenger V15 N2 Jul 1927
Messenger V15 N3 Aug 1927
Messenger V15 N4 Sep 1927
Messenger V15 N5 Oct 1927
Messenger V15 N6 Nov 1927
Theosophical Messenger V15 N7 Dec 1927
Theosophical Messenger V15 N8 Jan 1928
Theosophical Messenger V15 N10 Mar 1928
Theosophical Messenger V15 N11 Apr 1928
Theosophical Messenger V15 N12 May 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N1 Jun 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N2 Jul 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N4 Sep 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N5 Oct 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N6 Nov 1928
Theosophical Messenger V16 N7 Dec 1928
Theosophical Messenger V17 N1 Jan 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N2 Feb 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N3 Aug 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N3 Mar 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N4 Apr 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N5 May 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N6 Jun 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N7 Jul 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N8 Aug 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N9 Sep 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N10 Oct 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N11 Nov 1929
Theosophical Messenger V17 N12 Dec 1929
Theosophical Messenger V18 N1 Jan 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N2 Feb 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N3 Mar 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N4 Apr 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N5 May 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N6 Jun 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N7 Jul 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N8 Aug 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N9 Sep 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N10 Oct 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N11 Nov 1930
Theosophical Messenger V18 N12 Dec 1930
Theosophical Messenger V19 N1 Jan 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N2 Feb 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N3 Mar 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N4 Apr 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N5 May 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N6 Jun 1921
Theosophical Messenger V19 N7 Jul 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N8 Aug 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N9 Sep 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N10 Oct 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N11 Nov 1931
Theosophical Messenger V19 N12 Dec 1931
Theosophical Messenger V20 N1 Jan 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N2 Feb 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N3 Mar 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N4 Apr 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N5 May 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N6 Jun 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N7 Jul 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N8 Aug 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N9 Sep 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N10 Oct 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N11 Nov 1932
Theosophical Messenger V20 N12 Dec 1932
American Theosophist V22 N1 Jan 1934
American Theosophist V22 N2 Feb 1934
American Theosophist V22 N3 Mar 1934
American Theosophist V22 N4 Apr 1934
American Theosophist V22 N5 May 1934
American Theosophist V22 N6 Jun 1934
American Theosophist V22 N7 Jul 1934
American Theosophist V22 N8 Aug 1934
American Theosophist V22 N9 Sep 1934
American Theosophist V22 N10 Oct 1934
American Theosophist V22 N11 Nov 1934
American Theosophist V22 N12 Dec 1934
American Theosophist V23 N1 Jan 1935
American Theosophist V23 N2 Feb 1935
American Theosophist V23 N3 Mar 1935
American Theosophist V23 N4 Apr 1935
American Theosophist V23 N5 May 1935
American Theosophist V23 N6 Jun 1935
American Theosophist V23 N7 Jul 1935
American Theosophist V23 N8 Aug 1935
American Theosophist V23 N9 Sep 1935
American Theosophist V23 N10 Oct 1935
American Theosophist V23 N11 Nov 1935
American Theosophist V23 N12 Dec 1935
American Theosophist V24 N1 Jan 1936
American Theosophist V24 N2 Feb 1936
American Theosophist V24 N3 Mar 1936
American Theosophist V24 N4 Apr 1936
American Theosophist V24 N5 May 1936
American Theosophist V24 N6 Jun 1936
American Theosophist V24 N7 Jul 1936
American Theosophist V24 N8 Aug 1936
American Theosophist V24 N9 Sep 1936
American Theosophist V24 N10 Oct 1936
American Theosophist V24 N11 Nov 1936
American Theosophist V24 N12 Dec 1936
American Theosophist V25 N1 Jan 1937
American Theosophist V25 N2 Feb 1937
American Theosophist V25 N3 Mar 1937
American Theosophist V25 N4 Apr 1937
American Theosophist V25 N5 May 1937
American Theosophist V25 N6 Jun 1937
American Theosophist V25 N8 Aug 1937
American Theosophist V25 N9 Sep 1937
American Theosophist V25 N10 Oct 1937
American Theosophist V25 N12 Dec 1937
American Theosophist V26 N1 Jan 1938
American Theosophist V26 N2 Feb 1938
American Theosophist V26 N3 Mar 1938
American Theosophist V26 N4 Apr 1938
American Theosophist V26 N5 May 1938
American Theosophist V26 N6 Jun 1938
American Theosophist V26 N7 Jul 1938
American Theosophist V26 N8 Aug 1938
American Theosophist V26 N9 Sep 1938
American Theosophist V26 N10 Oct 1938
American Theosophist V26 N11 Nov 1938
American Theosophist V26 N12 Dec 1938
American Theosophist V27 N1 Jan 1939
American Theosophist V27 N2 Feb 1939
American Theosophist V27 N3 Mar 1939
American Theosophist V27 N4 Apr 1939
American Theosophist V27 N5 May 1939
American Theosophist V27 N6 Jun 1939
American Theosophist V27 N7 Jul 1939
American Theosophist V27 N8 Aug 1939
American Theosophist V27 N9 Sep 1939
American Theosophist V27 N10 Oct 1939
American Theosophist V27 N11 Nov 1939
American Theosophist V27 N12 Dec 1939
American Theosophist V28 N1 Jan 1940
American Theosophist V28 N2 Feb 1940
American Theosophist V28 N3 Mar 1940
American Theosophist V28 N4 Apr 1940
American Theosophist V28 N5 May 1940
American Theosophist V28 N6 Jun 1940
American Theosophist V28 N7 Jul 1940
American Theosophist V28 N8 Aug 1940
American Theosophist V28 N9 Sep 1940
American Theosophist V28 N10 Oct 1940
American Theosophist V28 N11 Nov 1940
American Theosophist V28 N12 Dec 1940
American Theosophist V29 N1 Jan 1941
American Theosophist V29 N2 Feb 1941
American Theosophist V29 N3 Mar 1941
American Theosophist V29 N4 Apr 1941
American Theosophist V29 N5 May 1941
American Theosophist V29 N6 Jun 1941
American Theosophist V29 N7 Jul 1941
American Theosophist V29 N8 Aug 1941
American Theosophist V29 N9 Sep 1941
American Theosophist V29 N10 Oct 1941
American Theosophist V29 N11 Nov 1941
American Theosophist V29 N12 Dec 1941
American Theosophist V30 N1 Jan 1942
American Theosophist V30 N2 Feb 1942
American Theosophist V30 N3 Mar 1942
American Theosophist V30 N4 Apr 1942
American Theosophist V30 N5 May 1942
American Theosophist V30 N6 Jun 1942
American Theosophist V30 N7 Jul 1942
American Theosophist V30 N8 Aug 1942
American Theosophist V30 N9 Sep 1942
American Theosophist V30 N10 Oct 1942
American Theosophist V30 N11 Nov 1942
American Theosophist V30 N12 Dec 1942
American Theosophist V31 N1 Jan 1943
American Theosophist V31 N2 Feb 1943
American Theosophist V31 N3 Mar 1943
American Theosophist V31 N4 Apr 1943
American Theosophist V31 N5 May 1943
American Theosophist V31 N6 Jun 1943
American Theosophist V31 N7 Jul 1943
American Theosophist V31 N8 Aug 1943
American Theosophist V31 N9 Sep 1943
American Theosophist V31 N10 Oct 1943
American Theosophist V31 N11 Nov 1943
American Theosophist V31 N12 Dec 1943
American Theosophist V32 N1 Jan 1944
American Theosophist V32 N2 Feb 1944
American Theosophist V32 N3 Mar 1944
American Theosophist V32 N4 Apr 1944
American Theosophist V32 N5 May 1944
American Theosophist V32 N6 Jun 1944
American Theosophist V32 N7 Jul 1944
American Theosophist V32 N8 Aug 1944
American Theosophist V32 N9 Sep 1944
American Theosophist V32 N10 Oct 1944
American Theosophist V32 N11 Nov 1944
American Theosophist V32 N12 Dec 1944
American Theosophist V33 N1 Jan 1945
American Theosophist V33 N2 Feb 1945
American Theosophist V33 N3 Mar 1945
American Theosophist V33 N4 Apr 1945
American Theosophist V33 N5 May 1945
American Theosophist V33 N6 Jun 1945
American Theosophist V33 N7 Jul 1945
American Theosophist V33 N8 Aug 1945
American Theosophist V33 N9 Sep 1945
American Theosophist V33 N10 Oct 1945

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