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Periodical: Human Culture

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Human Culture.
A Monthly Journal / A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Culture, Science, Health, Progress and Success / A Magazine for those Interested in Themselves and How to Make the Most of Themselves.
Hits the nail on the head every time / Devoted to the Character Reading Art
1903--1908? Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: L.A. Vaught. Editor: Louis A. Vaught; V.G. Lundquist, Sc.D., and Mrs. L.A. Vaught; Dr. Victor Gabriel Rocine and Emily H. Vaught.
Succeeds: Phrenological News (Chicago); Human Faculty
5/1, January 1903-9/1, November 1907 (?) $1.00- $1.50 a year; 12 pp.

Continues the volume numbering of Human Faculty. Rocine (1855-1943), who prefixed his name with "Doctor" because he had a Ph.D. in Mental Science from the Haddock & Holt Institute in San Francisco, on which see Human Nature (San Francisco), was born in Sweden and after the turn of the century began to publish in Chicago a series of books on "Mind-Training," "Heads, Faces, types, Races," "Syngesis" (on the sexual center in the brain), etc. As with many of his contemporaries, sex ("Conservation of Sex-Vitality") played a prominent role in Rocine's ideas on mental training and development, but Rocine also emphasized and claimed to be able to distinguish "types" ("calcium men," "sulpher type," etc.) of humans, a judgment that he then coupled with ingestion of "food that contains the elements of life" for each type. The journal is the continuation of the physiognomist and character-reader L.A. Vaught's Human Faculty, which Rocine took over when he moved in with Vaught's widow, Emily, after Vaught died in May 1903. The couple ran the Human Science School (V.G. Lundquist, Pres.) which offered the degree of Doctor of Human and Divine Science. This was an endeavor set up by Rocine under his original name; apparently the Lundquist brand had residual value and could not be abandoned. Character reading was a natural development of physiognomy and phrenology and, in its passage through the self-development / self-improvement side of New Thought, led in turn to "scientific" character analysis, claimed expertise in efficiency, and modern "Human Resources" departments. Advertised in Betiero's Oriental Mysteries, 1903 ("Deals with Mental Science in a surprisingly way. Positively practical. Highly illustrated"); in Henry Edward Lane, Diagnosis of the Eye (1904)("Something new. More than up-to-date. Away in ADVANCE of others"); in Soundview, December 1906 ("best journal on character reading and self-development"); and in Human Nature, March 1905, bundled with Prof. Lundquist's correspondence course in Scientific Character Reading, through the Human Science School of Chicago. Rocine went on to write for Occult Digest, Mystic world, etc., and to promote his Lessons on "Mind Training." Smithsonian Institution; Palmer College of Chiropractic; LOC.

Issues:Human Culture V5 N1 Jan 1903
Human Culture V5 N2 Feb 1903
Human Culture V5 N3 Mar 1903
Human Culture V5 N4 Apr 1903
Human Culture V5 N5 May 1903
Human Culture V5 N6 Jun 1903
Human Culture V5 N7 Jul 1903
Human Culture V5 N10 Oct 1903
Human Culture V6 N11 Dec 1904
Human Culture V6 N12 Jan 1905
Human Culture V6 N1 Jan 1904
Human Culture V6 N2 Feb 1904
Human Culture V6 N3 Mar 1904
Human Culture V6 N4 Apr 1904
Human Culture V6 N5 May 1904
Human Culture V6 N8 Sep 1904
Human Culture V7 N10 Nov 1905
Human Culture V7 N11 Dec 1905
Human Culture V7 N12 Jan 1906
Human Culture V7 N1 Feb 1905
Human Culture V7 N2 Mar 1905
Human Culture V7 N3 Apr 1905
Human Culture V7 N4 May 1905
Human Culture V7 N5 Jun 1905
Human Culture V7 N6 Jul 1905
Human Culture V7 N7 Aug 1905
Human Culture V7 N8 Sep 1905
Human Culture V7 N9 Oct 1905
Human Culture V8 N1 Feb 1906
Human Culture V8 N5 Jun 1906
Human Culture V8 N6 Jul 1906
Human Culture V8 N7 Aug 1906
Human Culture V8 N8 Sep 1906
Human Culture V8 N9 Oct 1906
Human Culture V8 N11 Dec 1906
Human Culture V9 N1 Feb 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N2 Mar 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N3 Apr 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N4 May 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N5 Jun 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N6 Jul 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N8 Aug 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N9 Sep 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N10 Oct 5 1907
Human Culture V9 N11 Nov 5 1907

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