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Periodical: The Theosophist

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database:

Theosophist, The.
A Monthly Journal Devoted to Oriental Philosophy, Art, Literature and Occultism: Embracing Mesmerism, Spiritualism, and other Secret Sciences.
1879 Monthly
Bombay, and then Adyar, India.
Publisher: Theosophical Society.
Editor: H.P. Blavatsky, H.S. Olcott; Annie Besant.
Succeeded by: World Theosophy (Hollywood, 1930), Adyar Theosophist (1930)—>The Theosophist (Adyar)
Corporate author: Under the auspices of the Theosophical Society
1/1, October 1879-current. 32 pp., 10 x 15. Rupees 8 a year in India, and 10 in Europe and the United States.

During 1930, Annie Besant for financial reasons gave over publication of the journal to Marie Russak Hotchener in Hollywood while continuing the publication of a version of the journal as The Adyar Theosophist (the renamed Adyar Bulletin), resuming the original title and place of publication with the issue of January 1931 with herself as editor. This is a (indeed, the) Theosophical journal, but its aims as set out in its first subtitle was much broader and its pages included so much of interest to spiritualism and occultism generally. Initially edited by, and largely written by, H.P. Blavatsky. Facsimile copies of the first six volumes have been published by the Edmonton Theosophical Society, and the table of contents has been published online by the Campbell Theosophical Research Library of Sydney, Australia, at Harvard University; Eastern Illinois University; McMaster University, and other locations.

Article Index: The complete table of contents is online at The Theosophical Society in Australia.
Theosophist V1 Index
Theosophist V1 N1 October 1879
Theosophist V1 N2 November 1879
Theosophist V1 N3 December 1879
Theosophist V1 N4 January 1880
Theosophist V1 N5 February 1880
Theosophist V1 N6 March 1880
Theosophist V1 N7 April 1880
Theosophist V1 N8 May 1880
Theosophist V1 N9 June 1880
Theosophist V1 N10 July 1880
Theosophist V1 N11 August 1880
Theosophist V1 N12 September 1880
Theosophist V2 Index
Theosophist V2 N1 October 1880
Theosophist V2 N2 November 1880
Theosophist V2 N3 December 1880
Theosophist V2 N4 January 1881
Theosophist V2 N5 February 1881
Theosophist V2 N6 March 1881
Theosophist V2 N7 April 1881
Theosophist V2 N8 May 1881
Theosophist V2 N9 June 1881
Theosophist V2 N10 July 1881
Theosophist V2 N11 August 1881
Theosophist V2 N12 September 1881
Theosophist V3 Index
Theosophist V3 N25 October 1881
Theosophist V3 N26 November 1881
Theosophist V3 N27 December 1881
Theosophist V3 N28 January 1882
Theosophist V3 N29 February 1882
Theosophist V3 N30 March 1882
Theosophist V3 N31 April 1882
Theosophist V3 N32 May 1882
Theosophist V3 N33 June 1882
Theosophist V3 N34 July 1882
Theosophist V3 N35 August 1882
Theosophist V3 N36 September 1882
Theosophist V4 Index
Theosophist V4 N37 October 1882
Theosophist V4 N38 November 1882
Theosophist V4 N39 December 1882
Theosophist V4 N40 January 1883
Theosophist V4 N41 February 1883
Theosophist V4 N42 March 1883
Theosophist V4 N43 April 1883
Theosophist V4 N44 May 1883
Theosophist V4 N45 June 1883
Theosophist V4 N46 July 1883
Theosophist V4 N47 August 1883
Theosophist V4 N48 September 1883
Theosophist V5 Index
Theosophist V5 N49 October 1883
Theosophist V5 N50 November 1883
Theosophist V5 N51 December 1883
Theosophist V5 N52 January 1884
Theosophist V5 N53 February 1884
Theosophist V5 N54 March 1884
Theosophist V5 N55 April 1884
Theosophist V5 N56 May 1884
Theosophist V5 N57 June 1884
Theosophist V5 N58 July 1884
Theosophist V5 N59 August 1884
Theosophist V5 N60 September 1884
Theosophist V6 Index
Theosophist V6 N61 October 1884
Theosophist V6 N62 November 1884
Theosophist V6 N63 December 1884
Theosophist V6 N64 January 1885
Theosophist V6 N65 February 1885
Theosophist V6 N66 March 1885
Theosophist V6 N67 April 1885
Theosophist V6 N68 May 1885
Theosophist V6 N69 June 1885
Theosophist V6 N70 July 1885
Theosophist V6 N71 August 1885
Theosophist V6 N72 September 1885
Theosophist V7 Index
Theosophist V7 N73 October 1885
Theosophist V7 N74 November 1885
Theosophist V7 N75 December 1885
Theosophist V7 N76 January 1886
Theosophist V7 N77 February 1886
Theosophist V7 N78 March 1886
Theosophist V7 N79 April 1886
Theosophist V7 N80 May 1886
Theosophist V7 N81 June 1886
Theosophist V7 N82 July 1886
Theosophist V7 N83 August 1886
Theosophist V7 N84 September 1886
Theosophist V8 Index
Theosophist V8 N85 October 1886
Theosophist V8 N86 November 1886
Theosophist V8 N87 December 1886
Theosophist V8 N88 January 1887
Theosophist V8 N89 February 1887
Theosophist V8 N90 March 1887
Theosophist V8 N91 April 1887
Theosophist V8 N92 May 1887
Theosophist V8 N93 June 1887
Theosophist V8 N94 July 1887
Theosophist V8 N95 August 1887
Theosophist V8 N96 September 1887
Theosophist V8 Supplements
Theosophist V9 Index
Theosophist V9 N97 October 1887
Theosophist V9 N98 November 1887
Theosophist V9 N99 December 1887
Theosophist V9 N100 January 1888
Theosophist V9 N101 February 1888
Theosophist V9 N102 March 1888
Theosophist V9 N103 April 1888
Theosophist V9 N104 May 1888
Theosophist V9 N105 June 1888
Theosophist V9 N106 July 1888
Theosophist V9 N107 August 1888
Theosophist V9 N108 September 1888
Theosophist V10 Index
Theosophist V10 N109 October 1888
Theosophist V10 N110 November 1888
Theosophist V10 N111 December 1888
Theosophist V10 N112 January 1889
Theosophist V10 N113 February 1889
Theosophist V10 N114 March 1889
Theosophist V10 N115 April 1889
Theosophist V10 N116 May 1889
Theosophist V10 N117 June 1889
Theosophist V10 N118 July 1889
Theosophist V10 N119 August 1889
Theosophist V10 N120 September 1889
Theosophist V10 Convention Report 1888
Theosophist V10 Supplements
Theosophist V11 Index
Theosophist V11 N121 October 1889
Theosophist V11 N122 November 1889
Theosophist V11 N123 December 1889
Theosophist V11 N124 January 1890
Theosophist V11 N125 February 1890
Theosophist V11 N126 March 1890
Theosophist V11 N127 April 1890
Theosophist V11 N128 May 1890
Theosophist V11 N129 June 1890
Theosophist V11 N130 July 1890
Theosophist V11 N131 August 1890
Theosophist V11 N132 September 1890
Theosophist V11 Supplements
Theosophist V12 Index
Theosophist V12 N01 October 1890
Theosophist V12 N02 November 1890
Theosophist V12 N03 December 1890
Theosophist V12 N04 January 1891
Theosophist V12 N05 February 1891
Theosophist V12 N06 March 1891
Theosophist V12 N07 April 1891
Theosophist V12 N08 May 1891
Theosophist V12 N09 June 1891
Theosophist V12 N10 July 1891
Theosophist V12 N11 August 1891
Theosophist V12 N12 September 1891
Theosophist V12 Supplements
Theosophist V12 Convention Report 1890
Theosophist V13 Index
Theosophist V13 N01 October 1891
Theosophist V13 N02 November 1891
Theosophist V13 N03 December 1891
Theosophist V13 N04 January 1892
Theosophist V13 N05 February 1892
Theosophist V13 N06 March 1892
Theosophist V13 N07 April 1892
Theosophist V13 N08 May 1892
Theosophist V13 N09 Jun 1892
Theosophist V13 N10 July 1892
Theosophist V13 N11 August 1892
Theosophist V13 N12 September 1892
Theosophist V14 Index
Theosophist V14 N01 October 1892
Theosophist V14 N02 November 1892
Theosophist V14 N03 December 1892
Theosophist V14 N04 January 1893
Theosophist V14 N05 February 1893
Theosophist V14 N06 March 1893
Theosophist V14 N07 April 1893
Theosophist V14 N08 May 1893
Theosophist V14 N09 June 1893
Theosophist V14 N10 July 1893
Theosophist V14 N11 August 1893
Theosophist V14 N12 September 1893
Theosophist V15 Index
Theosophist V15 N01 October 1893
Theosophist V15 N02 November 1893
Theosophist V15 N03 December 1893
Theosophist V15 N04 January 1894
Theosophist V15 N05 February 1894
Theosophist V15 N06 March 1894
Theosophist V15 N07 April 1894
Theosophist V15 N08 May 1894
Theosophist V15 N09 Jun 1894
Theosophist V15 N10 Jul 1894
Theosophist V15 N11 Aug 1894
Theosophist V15 N12 Sep 1894
Theosophist V16 Index
Theosophist V16 N01 October 1894
Theosophist V16 N02 November 1894
Theosophist V16 N03 December 1894
Theosophist V16 N04 January 1895
Theosophist V16 N05 February 1895
Theosophist V16 N06 March 1895
Theosophist V16 N07 April 1895
Theosophist V16 N08 May 1895
Theosophist V16 N09 Jun 1895
Theosophist V16 N10 Jul 1895
Theosophist V16 N11 Aug 1895
Theosophist V16 N12 Sep 1895
Theosophist V17 N01 Oct 1895
Theosophist V17 N02 Nov 1895
Theosophist V17 N03 Dec 1895
Theosophist V17 N04 Jan 1896
Theosophist V17 N05 Feb 1896
Theosophist V17 N06 Mar 1896
Theosophist V17 N07 Apr 1896
Theosophist V17 N08 May 1896
Theosophist V17 N09 Jun 1896
Theosophist V17 N10 Jul 1896
Theosophist V17 N11 Aug 1896
Theosophist V17 N12 Sep 1896
Theosophist V17 Supplements
Theosophist V18 N01 Oct 1896
Theosophist V18 N02 Nov 1896
Theosophist V18 N03 Dec 1896
Theosophist V18 N04 Jan 1897
Theosophist V18 N05 Feb 1897
Theosophist V18 N06 Mar 1897
Theosophist V18 N07 Apr 1897
Theosophist V18 N08 May 1897
Theosophist V18 N09 Jun 1897
Theosophist V18 N10 Jul 1897
Theosophist V18 N11 Aug 1897
Theosophist V18 N12 Sep 1897
Theosophist V19 Index
Theosophist V19 N01 October 1897
Theosophist V19 N02 November 1897
Theosophist V19 N03 December 1897
Theosophist V19 N04 January 1898
Theosophist V19 N05 February 1898
Theosophist V19 N06 March 1898
Theosophist V19 N07 April 1898
Theosophist V19 N08 May 1898
Theosophist V19 N09 June 1898
Theosophist V19 N10 July 1898
Theosophist V19 N11 August 1898
Theosophist V19 N12 September 1898
Theosophist V19 Supplements
Theosophist V20 Index
Theosophist V20 N01 October 1898
Theosophist V20 N02 November 1898
Theosophist V20 N03 December 1898
Theosophist V20 N04 January 1899
Theosophist V20 N05 February 1899
Theosophist V20 N06 March 1899
Theosophist V20 N07 April 1899
Theosophist V20 N08 May 1899
Theosophist V20 N09 June 1899
Theosophist V20 N10 July 1899
Theosophist V20 N11 August 1899
Theosophist V20 N12 September 1899
Theosophist V20 Supplements
Theosophist V21 Index
Theosophist V21 N01 October 1899
Theosophist V21 N02 November 1899
Theosophist V21 N03 December 1899
Theosophist V21 N04 January 1900
Theosophist V21 N05 February 1900
Theosophist V21 N06 March 1900
Theosophist V21 N07 April 1900
Theosophist V21 N08 May 1900
Theosophist V21 N09 June 1900
Theosophist V21 N10 July 1900
Theosophist V21 N11 August 1900
Theosophist V21 N12 September 1900
Theosophist V21 Supplements
Theosophist V22 Index
Theosophist V22 N01 October 1900
Theosophist V22 N02 November 1900
Theosophist V22 N03 December 1900
Theosophist V22 N04 January 1901
Theosophist V22 N05 February 1901
Theosophist V22 N06 March 1901
Theosophist V22 N07 April 1901
Theosophist V22 N08 May 1901
Theosophist V22 N09 June 1901
Theosophist V22 N10 July 1901
Theosophist V22 N11 August 1901
Theosophist V22 N12 September 1901
Theosophist V22 N12 Supplements
Theosophist V23 Index
Theosophist V23 N1 Oct 1901
Theosophist V23 N2 Nov 1901
Theosophist V23 N3 Dec 1901
Theosophist V23 N4 Jan 1902
Theosophist V23 N5 Feb 1902
Theosophist V23 N6 Mar 1902
Theosophist V23 N7 Apr 1902
Theosophist V23 N8 May 1902
Theosophist V23 N9 Jun 1902
Theosophist V23 N10 Jul 1902
Theosophist V23 N11 Aug 1902
Theosophist V23 N12 Sep 1902
Theosophist V24 Index
Theosophist V24 N1 Oct 1902
Theosophist V24 N2 Nov 1902
Theosophist V24 N3 Dec 1902
Theosophist V24 N4 Jan 1903
Theosophist V24 N5 Feb 1903
Theosophist V24 N6 Mar 1903
Theosophist V24 N7 Apr 1903
Theosophist V24 N8 May 1903
Theosophist V24 N9 Jun 1903
Theosophist V24 N10 Jul 1903
Theosophist V24 N11 Aug 1903
Theosophist V24 N12 Sep 1903
Theosophist V24 Supplements and Wrappers
Theosophist V25 Index
Theosophist V25 N1 Oct 1903
Theosophist V25 N2 Nov 1903
Theosophist V25 N3 Dec 1903
Theosophist V25 N4 Jan 1904
Theosophist V25 N5 Feb 1904
Theosophist V25 N6 Mar 1904
Theosophist V25 N7 Apr 1904
Theosophist V25 N8 May 1904
Theosophist V25 N9 Jun 1904
Theosophist V25 N10 Jul 1904
Theosophist V25 N11 Aug 1904
Theosophist V25 N12 Sep 1904
Theosophist V25 Supplements and Wrappers
Theosophist V26 Index
Theosophist V26 N1 Oct 1904
Theosophist V26 N2 Nov 1904
Theosophist V26 N3 Dec 1904
Theosophist V26 N4 Jan 1905
Theosophist V26 N5 Feb 1905
Theosophist V26 N6 Mar 1905
Theosophist V26 N7 Apr 1905
Theosophist V26 N8 May 1905
Theosophist V26 N9 Jun 1905
Theosophist V26 N10 Jul 1905
Theosophist V26 N11 Aug 1905
Theosophist V26 N12 Sep 1905
Theosophist V26 Supplements and Wrappers
Theosophist V27 Index
Theosophist V27 N1 Oct 1905
Theosophist V27 N2 Nov 1905
Theosophist V27 N3 Dec 1905
Theosophist V27 N4 Jan 1906
Theosophist V27 N5 Feb 1906
Theosophist V27 N6 Mar 1906
Theosophist V27 N7 Apr 1906
Theosophist V27 N8 May 1906
Theosophist V27 N9 Jun 1906
Theosophist V27 N10 Jul 1906
Theosophist V27 N11 Aug 1906
Theosophist V27 N12 Sep 1906
Theosophist V27 Supplements
Theosophist V27 Wrappers
Theosophist V28 Index
Theosophist V28 N1 Oct 1906
Theosophist V28 N2 Nov 1906
Theosophist V28 N3 Dec 1906
Theosophist V28 N4 Jan 1907
Theosophist V28 N5 Feb 1907
Theosophist V28 N6 Mar 1907
Theosophist V28 N7 Apr 1907
Theosophist V28 N8 May 1907
Theosophist V28 N9 Jun 1907
Theosophist V28 N10 Jul 1907
Theosophist V28 N11 Aug 1907
Theosophist V28 N12 Sep 1907
Theosophist V28 Supplements
Theosophist V28 Wrappers
Theosophist V29 Index
Theosophist V29 N1 Oct 1907
Theosophist V29 N2 Nov 1907
Theosophist V29 N3 Dec 1907
Theosophist V29 N4 Jan 1908
Theosophist V29 N5 Feb 1908
Theosophist V29 N6 Mar 1908
Theosophist V29 N7 Apr 1908
Theosophist V29 N8 May 1908
Theosophist V29 N9 Jun 1908
Theosophist V29 N10 Jul 1908
Theosophist V29 N11 Aug 1908
Theosophist V29 N12 Sep 1908
Theosophist V29 Supplements
Theosophist V30 Index
Theosophist V30 N1 Oct 1908
Theosophist V30 N2 Nov 1908
Theosophist V30 N3 Dec 1908
Theosophist V30 N4 Jan 1909
Theosophist V30 N5 Feb 1909
Theosophist V30 N6 Mar 1909
Theosophist V30 N7 Apr 1909
Theosophist V30 N8 May 1909
Theosophist V30 N9 Jun 1909
Theosophist V30 N10 Jul 1909
Theosophist V30 N11 Aug 1909
Theosophist V30 N12 Sep 1909
Theosophist V30 Supplements
Theosophist V30 Wrappers
Theosophist V31 Index
Theosophist V31 N1 Oct 1909
Theosophist V31 N2 Nov 1909
Theosophist V31 N3 Dec 1909
Theosophist V31 N4 Jan 1910
Theosophist V31 N5 Feb 1910
Theosophist V31 N6 Mar 1910
Theosophist V31 N7 Apr 1910
Theosophist V31 N8 May 1910
Theosophist V31 N9 Jun 1910
Theosophist V31 N10 Jul 1910
Theosophist V31 N11 Aug 1910
Theosophist V31 N12 Sep 1910
Theosophist V31 Supplements
Theosophist V31 Wrappers
Theosophist V32 Index
Theosophist V32 N1 Oct 1910
Theosophist V32 N2 Nov 1910
Theosophist V32 N3 Dec 1910
Theosophist V32 N7 Apr 1911
Theosophist V32 N8 May 1911
Theosophist V32 N9 Jun 1911
Theosophist V32 N10 Jul 1911
Theosophist V32 N11 Aug 1911
Theosophist V32 N12 Sep 1911
Theosophist V32 Wrappers
Theosophist V33 N1-n12 Oct 1911-sep 1912
Theosophist V34 N1-n12 Oct 1912-sep 1913
Theosophist V35 N1-n12 Oct 1913-sep 1914
Theosophist V36 N1-n12 Oct 1914-sep 1915
Theosophist V37 N1-n12 Oct 1915-sep 1916
Theosophist V38 N1-n12 Oct 1916-sep 1917
Theosophist V39 N1-n12 Oct 1917-sep 1918
Theosophist V40 N1-n12 Oct 1918-sep 1919
Theosophist V41 N1-n12 Oct 1919-sep 1920
Theosophist V42 N1-n12 Oct 1920-sep 1921
Theosophist V43 N1-n12 Oct 1921-sep 1922
Theosophist V44 N1-n12 Oct 1922-sep 1923
Theosophist V45 N1-n12 Oct 1923-sep 1924
Theosophist V46 N1-n12 Oct 1924-sep 1925
Theosophist V47 N1-n12 Oct 1925-sep 1926
Theosophist V48 N1-n12 Oct 1926-sep 1927
Theosophist V49 N1-n12 Oct 1927-sep 1928
Theosophist V50 N1-n12 Oct 1928-sep 1929
Theosophist V51 N1-n3 Oct-Dec 1929
(Hollywood) Theosophist V1 (V51) N1-n12 Jan-Dec 1930
(Adyar) Theosophist V52 N1-N4 Oct 1930-Jan 1931
Theosophist V52 N4-N12 Jan 1931-Sep 1931
Theosophist V53 N1-N12 Oct 1931-Sep 1932
Theosophist V54 N1-N12 Oct 1932-Sep 1933
Theosophist V55 N1-N12 Oct 1933-Sep 1934
Theosophist V56 N1 Oct 1934
Theosophist V56 N3 Dec 1934
Theosophist V56 N4 Jan 1935
Theosophist V56 N5 Feb 1935
Theosophist V56 N6 Mar 1935
Theosophist V56 N9 Jun 1935
Theosophist V56 N10 Jul 1935
Theosophist V56 N11 Aug 1935
Theosophist V56 N12 Sep 1935
Theosophist V57 N1 Oct 1935
Theosophist V57 N2 Nov 1935
Theosophist V57 N3 Dec 1935
Theosophist V57 N4 Jan 1936
Theosophist V57 N6 Mar 1936
Theosophist V57 N7 Apr 1936
Theosophist V57 N9 Jun 1936
Theosophist V57 N10 Jul 1936
Theosophist V57 N11 Aug 1936
Theosophist V57 N12 Sep 1936
Theosophist V58 N1 Oct 1936
Theosophist V58 N2 Nov 1936
Theosophist V58 N3 Dec 1936
Theosophist V58 N4 Jan 1937
Theosophist V58 N5 Feb 1937
Theosophist V58 N6 Mar 1937
Theosophist V58 N8 May 1937
Theosophist V58 N9 Jun 1937
Theosophist V58 N10 Jul 1937
Theosophist V58 N12 Sep 1937
Theosophist V59 N1 Oct 1937
Theosophist V59 N2 Nov 1937
Theosophist V59 N3 Dec 1937
Theosophist V59 N4 Jan 1938
Theosophist V59 N5 Feb 1938
Theosophist V59 N6 Mar 1938
Theosophist V59 N8 May 1938
Theosophist V59 N9 Jun 1938
Theosophist V59 N10 Jul 1938
Theosophist V59 N11 Aug 1938
Theosophist V59 N12 Sep 1938
Theosophist V60 N1 Oct 1938
Theosophist V60 N2 Nov 1938
Theosophist V60 N3 Dec 1938
Theosophist V60 N4 Jan 1939
Theosophist V60 N5 Feb 1939
Theosophist V60 N6 Mar 1939
Theosophist V60 N7 Apr 1939
Theosophist V60 N8 May 1939
Theosophist V60 N9 Jun 1939
Theosophist V60 N10 Jul 1939
Theosophist V60 N11 Aug 1939
Theosophist V61 N1 Sep 1939
Theosophist V61 N2 Nov 1939
Theosophist V61 N3 Dec 1939
Theosophist V61 N4 Jan 1940
Theosophist V61 N5 Feb 1940
Theosophist V61 N6 Mar 1940
Theosophist V61 N7 Apr 1940
Theosophist V61 N8 May 1940
Theosophist V61 N9 Jun 1940
Theosophist V61 N10 Jul 1940
Theosophist V61 N11 Aug 1940
Theosophist V61 N12 Sep 1940
Theosophist V62 N1 Oct 1940
Theosophist V62 N2 Nov 1940
Theosophist V62 N4 Jan 1941
Theosophist V62 N5 Feb 1941
Theosophist V62 N6 Mar 1941
Theosophist V62 N7 Apr 1941
Theosophist V62 N9 Jun 1941
Theosophist V62 N10 Jul 1941
Theosophist V62 N11 Aug 1941
Theosophist V63 N1 Oct 1941
Theosophist V63 N2 Nov 1941
Theosophist V63 N3 Dec 1941
Theosophist V63 N11 Aug 1942
Theosophist V68 N4 Jan 1947
Theosophist V68 N5 Feb 1947
Theosophist V69 N10 Jul 1948
Theosophist V69 N11 Aug 1948
Theosophist V69 N4 Jan 1948
Theosophist V69 N5 Feb 1948
Theosophist V69 N6 Mar 1948
Theosophist V69 N7 Apr 1948
Theosophist V69 N9 Jun 1948
Theosophist V70 N1 Oct 1948
Theosophist V70 N2 Nov 1948
Theosophist V70 N3 Dec 1948
Theosophist V72 N7 Apr 1951
Theosophist V72 N8 May 1951
Theosophist V72 N9 Jun 1951
Theosophist V72 N10 Jul 1951
Theosophist V72 N11 Aug 1951
Theosophist V72 N12 Sep 1951

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