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Periodical: Liberation



Warning: Contains explicit fascist, nativist, racist and anti-Semitic content.

A Monthly Magazine of Prophecy and Inspiration from Sources Behind or Above Mortality / Journal of the Silver Shirts of America / Journal of Aggressive Patriotism / A Journal of Prophecy and the Higher Fraternity.
Vigilance is the Best Security
Other titles: Journal of the Silver Shirts of America (1934) / Journal of the Silver Legion of America (1934) / Liberation Monthly / New Liberation (1937) / Weekly Liberation (1938) / New Weekly Liberation (1939)
1932--1941 Monthly, then weekly (irregular)
Asheville, NC. Publisher: Galahad Press, Inc. / Pelley Publishers. Editor: William Dudley Pelley; Robert C. Summerville, managing editor.
Succeeds: The New Liberator-->The New Liberator Weekly Succeeded by: Pelley's/Pelley's Weekly (1934-1936)-->Liberation-->Roll Call (1941)
Corporate author: Silver Shirts of America / Silver Legion of America
1932-14/1, January 1941. 66 pp.-10 pp. (as a weekly), $3.50-$5.00 a year.

Continues volume numbering of The New Liberator/New Liberator Weekly. It is possible that the journal as a monthly began publishing in May 1931, running through July, and then was begun again in February 1932, since Liberation in several 1933 issues regularly tried to sell back issues with those dates. In March 1934 the journal was called Journal of the Silver Shirts of America, and the Journal of the Silver Legion of America. Suspended April 1934-1936 after Pelley was indicted in North Carolina under the Blue Sky Laws for selling unregistered stock in his publishing enterprise and its place taken by Pelley's/Pelley's Weekly. In 1936 publication was begun again as Liberation. The journal when it first appeared as a monthly followed the same spiritualist/occult themes as its predecessors: There is no death, reincarnation, planned rebirth, prophecy, etc., but increasingly, especially after the change to weekly presentation and becoming the organ of Pelley's Silver Shirts, the journal commented on political matters and began to give unbridled vent to gross anti-Semitism, anti-communism, opposition to the Federal Reserve and all international banks, Jewish or not, conspiracies surrounding Lincoln's assassination, "The Truth About American History," etc., and to call for the establishment of a Christian Democracy in the United States. LOC; NYPL; Columbia University; NY State Library; California State University, Fullerton; Yale University; University of North Carolina, Asheville; etc.

Issues:Liberation V3 N2 Apr 1932
Liberation V3 N3 Oct 1932
Liberation V3 N11 Apr 8 1933
Liberation V3 N12 Apr 15 1933
Liberation V4 N2 Apr 29 1933
Liberation V4 N3 May 6 1933
Liberation V4 N4 May 13 1933
Liberation V4 N5 May 20 1933
Liberation V4 N6 May 27 1933
Liberation V4 N7 Jun 3 1933
Liberation V4 N9 Jun 17 1933
Liberation V4 N10 Jun 24 1933
Liberation V4 N11 Jul 1 1933
Liberation V4 N12 Jul 8 1933
Liberation V4 N13 Jul 15 1933
Liberation V4 N14 Jul 22 1933
Liberation V4 N15 Jul 29 1933
Liberation V4 N16 Aug 5 1933
Liberation V4 N17 Aug 12 1933
Liberation V4 N18 Aug 19 1933
Liberation V5 N1 Aug 26 1933
Liberation V5 N2 Sep 2 1933
Liberation V5 N3 Sep 9 1933
Liberation V5 N4 Sep 16 1933
Liberation V5 N5 Sep 23 1933
Liberation V5 N6 Sep 30 1933
Liberation V5 N8 Oct 14 1933
Liberation V5 N9 Oct 21 1933
Liberation V5 N10 Oct 28 1933
Liberation V5 N11 Nov 4 1933
Liberation V5 N12 Nov 11 1933
Liberation V5 N13 Nov 18 1933
Liberation V5 N14 Nov 25 1933
Liberation V5 N15 Dec 2 1933
Liberation V5 N16 Dec 9 1933
Liberation V5 N17 Dec 16 1933
Liberation V5 N18 Dec 23 1933
Liberation V5 N19 Dec 30 1933
Liberation V5 N20 Jan 6 1934
Liberation V5 N21 Jan 13 1934
Liberation V5 N23 Jan 27 1934
Liberation V5 N24 Feb 3 1934
Liberation V5 N25 Feb 10 1934
Liberation V5 N26 Feb 17 1934
Liberation V6 N6 Mar 31 1934
Liberation V10 N20 Apr 28 1939

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