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Periodical: The Metaphysical Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Metaphysical Magazine, The.
A Monthly Review of the Occult Sciences and Metaphysical Philosophy / Devoted to Science, Psychology, Art, Literature, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Thought-Transference, and Mental Phenomena / Devoted to Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Occult Subjects.
1895-1897 Monthly (occasionally quarterly)
Publisher: Metaphysical Publishing Company. Editor: Leander Edmund Whipple, John Emory McLean (1865- ); associate editors: Alexander Wilder, C.H.A. Bjerregaard, Eva Best, Elizabeth Francis Stephenson. Succeeded by: Intelligence (June 1897-March 1898)->Metaphysical Magazine (April 1898-December 1899)->The New Cycle (1900)->Ideal Review (1900)->Metaphysical Magazine (1901-1911)->Man (1912-1913)
1/1, January 1895-1897. Continued under a variety of names until 1913. 80 pp. (varies), 6 x 9. $2.00 a year.

The advertisements for the journal called it "the pioneer of Occult and Metaphysical publications," and modestly suggested that "to be without it is to be behind the age." Whipple (1848-1916) was a proponent of what he called "mental science" and the founder of the American School of Metaphysics ("The Deepest Occult Scholars and philosophical minds praise this system as the only complete and comprehensive system yet offered to the public."). The formula he employed in the journal was obviously a successful one and it seems to have thrived until 1913. The journal attracted articles by Alexander Wilder (notably an article on "The Rosicrucian Brotherhood" in June 1896), Paul Tyner, Elliott Coues, Henry Wood, H. Stanley Redgrove, E.H. Randle, W.J. Colville, C. Staniland Wake, John Hazelrigg (the astrologer), Maria Corelli, Florence Huntley, et al. Many of the articles appearing here later appeared in translation in Neue Metaphysische Rundschau. Regular advertisements for the works of Paul Tyner, P.B. Randolph, F.B. Dowd, et al. NYPL; ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol.; INTA archives; LOC.

Issues:Metaphysical Magazine V1 January-June 1895
Metaphysical Magazine V2 July-December 1895
Metaphysical Magazine V3 January-June 1896
Metaphysical Magazine V4 July-December 1896
Metaphysical Magazine V5 January-May 1897
Metaphysical Magazine V6 June-November 1897
Metaphysical Magazine V7 December 1897-March 1898
Metaphysical Magazine V8 April-December 1898
Metaphysical Magazine V9 January-June 1899
Metaphysical Magazine V10 July-December 1899
Metaphysical Magazine V11-12 January-June 1900
For Volume 13 of the Metaphysical Magazine, see the Ideal Review
Metaphysical Magazine V14 January-June 1901
Metaphysical Magazine V15 July-December 1901
Metaphysical Magazine V16 January-June 1902
Metaphysical Magazine V17 July 1902-September 1903
Metaphysical Magazine V18 April-September 1905
Metaphysical Magazine V19 April-October 1906
Metaphysical Magazine V20 November 1906-April 1907
Metaphysical Magazine V21 May-December 1907
Metaphysical Magazine V22 January-June 1908
Metaphysical Magazine V23 July-December 1908
Metaphysical Magazine V24 January-December 1909
Metaphysical Magazine V25 January-June 1910
Metaphysical Magazine V26 July-December 1910

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