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Periodical: Ostara

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Bucherei der Blonden und Mannesrechtler.
Other titles: Ostara Rundschau
Vienna, Austria. Language: German. Editor: Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (Adolf-Josef Lanz).
Corporate author: 19311/1, 1905-1931.

Approximately 95 issues, of which about half were reprinted in Vienna 1926-1931. It was an Ariosophical journal (i.e., a journal devoted to the science of the Aryans) based on the Bible-based ideas (Lanz von Liebenfehls,1874-1954, was a former Cistercian monk) that dark-haired people were the progeny of Eve and a demon and that the purpose of life was to segregate, sterilize and kill these half-demons. Blonds, on the other hand, were "divine men," creative and natural leaders. The journal described itself as "the only illustrated Aryan-Aristocratic and Aryan-Christian journal," and also strongly promoted the idea (as the subtitle indicates) that the correct state of affairs was the rule of men rather of women. Sexual fantasy played a principal place in von Liebenfels ideas (e.g., no. 43: "Sexual Physics, or Love as Odic Energie") but there is no indication that sexual energy had any practical application in his work. The swastika was a recurring symbol in the journal and it had a strong undercurrent of eroticism in both the text and the illustrations. It also carried a substantial amount of general occult material, especially regular reviews of the works of P. Braun, Franz Hartmann, E.C.H. Peithmann, Karl Brandler-Pracht, "Peryt Shou" (Albert Christian Georg Schultz, 1873-1953), and Dion Fortune, and of a wide spectrum of contemporary works on astrology, auras, Mazdaznan, the Grail, the Templars, etc. Utrecht University; Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag; University of Groninbgen.

Ostara N1 1930
Ostara N1 1930 Alt
Ostara N2 1927
Ostara N3 1927
Ostara N4 1928
Ostara N5 1928
Ostara N6-7 1928
Ostara N8-9 1928
Ostara N10 1931
Ostara N11 1931
Ostara N12 1929
Ostara N13-14 1930
Ostara N13 1918
Ostara N15 1929
Ostara N16-17 1929
Ostara N18 1930
Ostara N20 1930
Ostara N21 1916
Ostara N22-23 1930
Ostara N24 1908
Ostara N25 1908
Ostara N26 1917
Ostara N27 1913
Ostara N28 1931
Ostara N29 1931
Ostara N30 1914
Ostara N31 1914
Ostara N32 1919
Ostara N33 1929
Ostara N34 1928
Ostara N35 19
Ostara N36 1929
Ostara N37 1917l
Ostara N38 1915
Ostara N39 1915
Ostara N40 1910
Ostara N41 1910
Ostara N42 1910
Ostara N43 1918
Ostara N44 1911
Ostara N45 1911
Ostara N46 1917
Ostara N47 1916
Ostara N48 1911
Ostara N49 19126
Ostara N50 1915c
Ostara N51 1931
Ostara N52 1918
Ostara N53 1912
Ostara N54 1912
Ostara N55 1912
Ostara N56 1912
Ostara N57 1912
Ostara N58 1912
Ostara N59 1912
Ostara N60 1912
Ostara N61 1912
Ostara N62 1912
Ostara N63 1913
Ostara N64 1913
Ostara N66 1913
Ostara N67 1913
Ostara N68 1913
Ostara N69 1913
Ostara N70 1913
Ostara N71 1913
Ostara N72 1913
Ostara N72 1918
Ostara N73 1913
Ostara N74 1914
Ostara N75 1914
Ostara N76 1914
Ostara N77 1914
Ostara N78 1915
Ostara N79 1915
Ostara N80 1915
Ostara N81 1915
Ostara N82 1915
Ostara N83 1916
Ostara N84 1916
Ostara N85 1916
Ostara N86 1911
Ostara N87 1916
Ostara N88 1916
Ostara N89 1917
Ostara N90 1929
Ostara N91-93 1930
Ostara N94 1931
Ostara N95 1931

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