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Periodical: Journal and Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

American Society for Psychical Research, Journal of the
1907 Monthly, then quarterly
New York, NY. Publisher: American Society for Psychical Research. Editor: James Hervey Hyslop, Hereward Carrington, W.F. Prince, Frederick Bligh Bond, Frederick Edwards. Succeeded by: Psychic Research -> Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
Corporate author: American Society for Psychical Research
1/1, 1907-current. 22/1, January 1928-25/12, December 1931 were called Psychic Research, with volume 26 the journal resumed its original title and was published as a quarterly.

The companion to this was the Proceedings of the society, published irregularly for material unsuited for the journal. Since 1968 the society has also published a quarterly ASPR Newsletter from New York. The A.S.P.R. was founded in 1906 (or re-founded, since there had been an earlier society of the same name that dissolved in 1905 on the death of Richard Hodgson) by James Hervey Hyslop (1854-1920), a member of the Philosophy Department at Columbia University in New York. It is likely that Hyslop was the "J. Hyslop" who was among the founders of the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875. Bond (1864-1945) was an architect, amateur archaeologist (he excavated Glastonbury Abbey with the assistance of messages from the spirits), occultist and psychical researcher. His middle name commemorates the fact that he was the great-grand nephew of Captain Bligh of the Bounty. He also edited Psychic Science and Survival. Bond also published a series of booklets of automatic-writing communications on Glastonbury, King Arthur, and related subjects.

American Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings of the
1907-1974 Irregular
Boston, MA. Publisher: H.B. Turner.
Succeeds: American Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings (1885-)
1/1, 1907-1974. From 1926 on the Proceedings were confined only to print material unsuited to the society's Journal.

Issues:ASPR Journal, V1: 1907
ASPR Journal, V2: 1908
ASPR Journal, V3: 1909
ASPR Journal, V4: 1910
ASPR Journal, V5: 1911
ASPR Journal, V6: 1912
ASPR Journal, V7: 1913
ASPR Journal, V8: 1914
ASPR Journal, V9: 1915
ASPR Journal, V10: 1916
ASPR Journal, V11: 1917
ASPR Journal, V12: 1918
ASPR Journal, V13: 1919
ASPR Journal, V14: 1920
ASPR Journal, V15: 1921
ASPR Journal, V16: 1922
ASPR Journal, V17: 1923
ASPR Journal, V18: 1924
ASPR Journal, V19: 1925
ASPR Journal, V20: 1926
ASPR Journal, V21: 1927
ASPR Journal, V22: 1928
ASPR Journal, V23: 1929
ASPR Journal, V24: 1930
ASPR Journal, V25: 1931
ASPR Journal, V26: 1932
ASPR Journal, V27: 1933
ASPR Journal, V28: 1934
ASPR Journal, V29: 1935
ASPR Journal, V30: 1936
ASPR Journal, V32: 1937
ASPR Journal, V32: 1938
ASPR Journal, V33: 1939
ASPR Journal, V34: 1940
ASPR Journal, V35: 1941
ASPR Journal, V36: 1942
ASPR Journal, V37: 1943
ASPR Journal, V38: 1944
ASPR Journal, V39: 1945
ASPR Journal, V40: 1946
ASPR Journal, V41: 1947
ASPR Journal, V42: 1948
ASPR Journal, V43: 1949
ASPR Journal, V44: 1950
ASPR Journal, V45: 1951
ASPR Journal, V46: 1952
ASPR Journal, V47: 1953
ASPR Journal, V48: 1954
ASPR Journal, V49: 1955
ASPR Journal, V50: 1956
ASPR Proceedings: 1885-1889
ASPR Proceedings V1: 1907
ASPR Proceedings V2: 1908
ASPR Proceedings V3: 1909
ASPR Proceedings V4: 1910
ASPR Proceedings V5: 1911
ASPR Proceedings V6: 1912
ASPR Proceedings V7: 1913
ASPR Proceedings V8: 1914
ASPR Proceedings V9: 1915
ASPR Proceedings V10: 1916
ASPR Proceedings V11: 1917
ASPR Proceedings V12: 1918
ASPR Proceedings V13: 1919
ASPR Proceedings V14: 1920
ASPR Proceedings V15: 1921
ASPR Proceedings V16: 1922
ASPR Proceedings V17: 1923
ASPR Proceedings V18: 1924
ASPR Proceedings V19: 1925
ASPR Proceedings V20-21: 19267-1927
ASPR Proceedings V22: 1933
ASPR Proceedings V23: 1940 (June)
ASPR Proceedings V24: 1944 (January)
ASPR Proceedings V25: 1952 (October)

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