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Periodical: Greeting Messenger

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Greeting Messenger, The--Aum.
Love, True Christianity
1930--1939 Monthly, then bimonthly, then quarterly
Los Angeles, then Highway Highlands, CA. Publisher: Church Truth Universal--Aum, Inc.. Editor: Elizabeth Delvine King; E.W. Miller, assistant editor (and then editor on her death). Succeeded by: Aum, The Spiritual Life Magazine (1939)
1/1, January 1930-1939. Three volumes a year.

The journal was originally mimeographed but began to appear in print in September 1931. $1.00 a year, 12-16 pp. The journal announced that the articles printed in it "are for the most part contributed by the Masters in the White Brotherhood and the Editor, Assistant Editor, and other Ordained Ministers of Church Truth Universal--Aum, under their direction. It is our editorial purpose to present in its purity the message of the Absolute Truth, Aum, from the spiritual concept of Atman (the Divine Self) free from the mists, confusions and ilusions of the carnal mind concept (relativity)." This was the work of Elizabeth Delvine King (1858-1932), a New Though practitioner who in 1907 "received from the Father, Aum-Jehovah, the gift of the Holy Ghost. From that time on, she received, through the Holy Ghost, direct revelations from Aum-Jehovah and Jesus Christ, by means of what has been called 'the still small voice' (which is communication from those in the Fourth Dimension to those functioning in the third dimension) and later, beginning about 1914, by the help of Jesus Christ, she was brought in touch with the Masters in the White Brotherhood." These communications from the "Supreme Spirit, Truth, Peace, the Living Reality, the Perfect Impersonal and Omnipresent Presence, the Source which is our Father-Mother God--The Lost Word," were embodied in a series of books (The Lotus Path, 1917, The Higher Metaphysics, 1918, The Flashlights of Truth, 1918, etc.) and King then began to preach around Los Angeles a form of esoteric Christianity centered on Aum-Jehovah under the guidance of the Great White Brotherhood and Master Jesus. This focused on "the Secret Heart Way" of repetition of the name of God, Aum, a practice she is said to have learned from Baba Bharati (1868-1914), whose disciple she became in 1906. He was a Bengali Vaishnavite who combined "Krishna Consciousness" and New Thought and published Light of India and East and West in Los Angeles until returning to India in 1911. King's biography is given in this journal. LOC.

Issues:Greeting Messenger V6 N10 Oct 1931
Greeting Messenger V6 N11 Nov 1931
Greeting Messenger V6 N12 Dec 1931
Greeting Messenger V6 N9 Sep 1931
Greeting Messenger V7 N1 Jan 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N2 Feb-mar 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N3 Apr-may 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N4 Jun-jul 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N5 Aug-sep 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N6 Oct-nov 1932
Greeting Messenger V7 N7 Dec-jan 1933
Greeting Messenger V7 N8 Feb-mar 1933

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