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Periodical: Advanced Thought

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Advanced Thought.
A Journal of the New Thought, Practical Psychology, Yogi Philosophy, Constructive Occultism, Metaphysical Healing, etc.
Other titles: Advanced Thought Journal / Advanced Thought and Occult Digest
1916--1922 Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Advanced Thought Publishing Co.. Editor: William Walker Atkinson, Arthur Gould business manager; then A. Gould, editor, publisher and proprietor; then Clara Mudge [Codd], editor.
1/1, March 1916-6/12, May 1922. 32- 90 pp., 6x9. $1.35 then $1.50 then $1.25 a year.

Noted in Hartmann's Who's Who, 1925. The advertisement for the journal in The Nautilus in March 1918 said the journal was devoted to "Broad 'New Thought,' Mental Science, Oriental Philosophy, Personal Magnetism, Psychic Science, Numerology, Metaphysical Healing, Advanced Occultism, Practical Psychology, Transcendental Mysticism, Practical Philosophy, The Esoteric Teachings, Practical Metaphysics, Mental Physical Culture, Yogi Philosophy, the Power of Thought." Contributions by or excerpts from T.J. Shelton, A. Osborn Eaves, Paul Foster Case, Clara M. Codd (who later became editor), Henry Victor Morgan, Helen Wilmans, Oscar Nystrom (on the "Cabbala"), and Atkinson under his own name and a variety of pseudonyms, notably "A Western Occultist." Atkinson (1862-1932) was an industry in himself, publishing books under his own name and as Theron Q. Dumont, Swami Panchadasi, Swami Bhakta Vishita, Yogi Ramacharaka (said to be a collaboration with an Indian named "Baba Bharata"), Three Initiates, Magus Incognito, Theodore Sheldon, and others. He was one of those New Thought teachers who discovered the power (and profit) of "lessons" of private teachings. Atkinson then began his own Yogi Publication Society in Chicago and Advanced Thought Publishing Company in the same city, the publisher of Advanced Thought and also publisher of one of Dr. Alexander James McIvor-Tyndall's works (see the note under The Swastika). Atkinson was a frequent contributor to Elizabeth Towne's Nautilus as well, and was the editor of Sydney B. Flower's New Thought beginning in 1901. The American Medical Association, as part of its crusade against quacks, has collected a dossier on the Advanced Thought Publishing Company and especially its shameless advertisements, which included solicitations from Captail George W. Walrond, Yacki Razizun, O. Hashnu Hara, Rosa Baughan, Hancil Cordrey, and many others of the New Thought hucksters of the period. NYPL; INTLA; NSAC, Lily Dale.

Issues:Advanced Thought V1 N6 Aug 1916
Advanced Thought V1 N7 Sep 1916
Advanced Thought V1 N8 Oct 1916
Advanced Thought V1 N9 Nov 1916
Advanced Thought V1 N10 Dec 1916
Advanced Thought V1 N11 Jan 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N1 Mar 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N2 Apr 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N3 May 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N4 Jun 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N5 Jun 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N6 Aug 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N7 Nov 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N8 Dec 1917
Advanced Thought V2 N9 Jan 1918
Advanced Thought V2 N12 Apr 1918
Advanced Thought V2 N11 Mar 1918
Advanced Thought V2 Covers
Advanced Thought V4 N5 Aug 1919
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N1 May 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N2 Jun 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N3 Jul 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N4 Aug 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N5 Sep 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N6 Oct-nov 1921
Advanced Thought And Occult Digest V6 N7 Dec 1921
Advanced Thought V6 N8 Jan 1922
Advanced Thought V6 N9 Feb 1922
Advanced Thought V6 N10 Mar 1922
Advanced Thought V6 N12 May 1922
Advanced Thought V6 Wrappers

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