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Periodical: The Prasnottara

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Prasnottara, The.
Theosophy in India.
1891--1903 Bimonthly
Benares, India. Editor: Head Quarters of the Indian Section; G.S. Arundale. Succeeded by: Theosophy in India (name changed from Prasnottara, January 1904)
1/1, January 1891-December 1903.

This was begun on the establishment by Bertram Keightley of the Indian Section of the Theosophical Society, for which it was the organ. Like its successor and continuation, the journal was devoted primarily to the practical affairs of the Theosophical Society in India (dues, receipts, Mrs. Besant’s tour program, conventions, etc.) but also included articles on various points of Theosophy. Noted in Metaphysische Rundschau, July 1896. Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola.

Issues:Prasnottara V10 Index 1900
Prasnottara V11 N1 Jan-feb 1901
Prasnottara V11 N3 Mar 1901
Prasnottara V11 N4 Apr 1901
Prasnottara V11 N5 May 1901
Prasnottara V11 N6 Jun 1901
Prasnottara V11 N7 Jul 1901
Prasnottara V11 N8 Aug 1901
Prasnottara V11 N9 Sep 1901
Prasnottara V11 N10 Oct 1901
Prasnottara V11 N11 Nov 1901
Prasnottara V11 N12 Dec 1901

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