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Periodical: Mitteilungen des Gral-Ordens

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Mitteilungen des Gral-Ordens.
1927-1928 Monthly (irregular)
Bad Schmiedeberg, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: F.E. Baumann. Editor: F.E. Baumann, then Karl Heise.
Succeeds: Mitteilungen des Neuen Gral-Ordens Succeeded by: Der Gral
Corporate author: Gral-Orden
6/1, January 1927-1928. 12 pp., 3 Marks a year.

This was the organ of the Gral-Orden (Grail Order) in its last days as it attempted to make up for the lack of "Masters" by printing the inner teachings of the order that had been written by Parsival Braun and T.K. (John E. Richardson) and formerly reserved for students as they advanced through the degrees. See the note under Mitteilungen des Neuen Gral-Ordens. At the beginning of 1927 the journal announced that Heise had become head of the order and that a loose regional structure of "grail friends" was to replace the formal, ritualistic organization of the order. The last issues are filled with a discussion of the journal’s financial plight and suggestions on turning the order into an actual school, like those begun by Rudolf Steiner and Otomar zar Adusht Hanish. These desperate attempts came to naught. ZDB: Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Halle/S UuLB; Leipzig DNB.

Issues:Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N1 1927 Jan
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N2 1927 Feb
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N3 1927 Mar Page 01
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N4 1927 Apr
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N5 1927 May
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N6 1927 Jun
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N8-9 1927 Aug-sep
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N10 1927 Oct
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V6 N11-12 1927 Nov-dec
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V7 N1-3 1928 Jan-mar
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V7 N4-7 1928 Apr-jul
Mitteilungen Des Gral-ordens V7 N8-9 1928 Aug-sep

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