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Periodical: Keeler's Comments

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Keeler's Comments.
On Applied Christianity / About Applied Christianity, the Victorious Faith, Direct Knowing (Intuition), and the Greater Power of the Spiritual Empire of the MIND.
For those who wish to know the Truth of the Indwelling Christ
Other titles: Comments
1933--1941? Semimonthly, then monthly
San Diego, CA. Editor: W. Frederic Keeler.
Succeeds: The Constructive Thinker; Christian Victory
1/1, July 1933. 6-36 pp., 8 1/2 x 11, $1.00 a year.

Originally the journal was typed and mimeographed; later issues were printed. In August 1936 the journal changed from 6 to 36 pages and began to be published monthly. The journal is filled with the platitudes, truisms and injunctions of New Thought: healing, including its practical aspects, telepathy, clairvoyance, the power of controlled thought, "Cases from my Correspondence" (largely reciting the success of Keeler’s healing), abundance, supply, the Subliminal Mind, etc. It announced its belief in:

The Supremacy of Good; God is Good.
The Truth that the undesirable is never necessary in the life of mankind.
That prayer heals and guides those practiced in it and we believe this without prejudice against any other forms of help fulness whatever.
That man is both human and divine and united by so as one whole, thence normally arises wholesomeness, as divine qualities manifesting in terms of constructive human life upon this sacred earth.
The Church of the Indwelling Master, a Church of Truth.
The modem American movement of Applied Metaphysics which is now closely approaching centennial.

The practice of these beliefs for Keeler centered on the power of "Creative Decision": "Acceptance is receptive. The completion of choice and acceptance is decision. Decision is Peace." "That which is accomplished is accomplished by Decision. Nothing other than Decision is active, all else follows it. Only Decision produces change, all else is static." Keeler (1874-1943) was one of the longest lived New Thought practitioners, moving from place to place and transforming his message as the mood of his audience demanded. In 1911 in Los Angeles he was offering monthly lessons on "Mind Mastery," "Power Thinking," and "success thru Mental Processes." In 1913 he was publishing the Constructive Thinker (a "periodical of unitive higher thought") from Long Island. The next year he was holding weekly services in his Higher Thought (Unity) Home and, as he advertised in the Banner of Life, running a Higher Thought Correspondence School in New York City, offering a complete course in "How to See Auric Colors and Higher Psychism." (In what seems to have been an advertising first, he offered the course "on approval.") In 1925 he was a "Metaphysical Practitioner" in Los Angeles, and in 1930 he was publishing Christian Victory Magazine from San Francisco. Although most of his books were published posthumously, including his version of the "Quimby Manuscripts," he early on published several books, most notably The Self Superlative (1912), which sought to explain the mystical power inherent in man and why modern man was so ignorant of spiritual subjects that were known to mankind in the remote past. "On spiritual planes in evolutions past we -- the most ignorant of us -- were wise. Sitting upon the seat of achievement perfected, we longed for more of life and wisdom. And life and wisdom are one. Seeking this greater growth we sallied forth in obedience to the High Will of that time and place and reached down to dwell within the lower realms and lower parts of self. This we did that we might purge, clean, and overcome the stubborn things of that self, and dispel the darkness thereof with the light from that High Resting Place." INTA; LOC.

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