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Periodical: Chimes

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Metaphysical and Psychic Magazine / Largest Psychic Monthly.
1942--1974 Monthly and bimonthly (June-July and November-December)
Brea, then Encinitas, CA. Publisher: Chimes, Inc.. Editor: Bert L. Welch and Ruth Welch; June and Leighton Denton. Succeeded by: Psychic Observer and Chimes (formed by the merger of Chimes with Psychic Observer)
1/1, 1942-1973. 36-44 pp., $2.00 a year.

This was one of the leading spiritualist journals of the period. In addition to news of the movement around the United States, the journal contained a Monthly Children's Corner, reprints of material by famous spiritualists of earlier times, like Hudson Tuttle, and regular contributions by Ron Ormond, Marrie S Miller, Enid S. Smith, Ph.D., Sarah Louise Ford, and other now-forgotten mediums and writers. The journal is most notable today for its extensive lists of mediums and organizations around the United States, listed by area (predominantly in California), and for its advertisements and notices from the myriad spiritualist and occult practitioners of the period, e.g., Thomas C. Kelly, "Healing Medium for People, Animal Pets and Birds," "Grace Strickland, "Healer with X-Ray Vision," "Modern Loaves and Fishes, actual scientific experiments in food multiplications," Premier College of Technical Metphysics, Ltd. --"There are No Incurable Diseases" -- etc., and for the forgotten paraphernalia that accompanied their work ("!!!Mystic Lightning !!! At Last! Lift your Vibrations thru the scented, mystical atmosphere of RAINBOW LITE." The journal was merged with the Psychic Observer in 1974 to form Psychic Observer and Chimes. NYPL; LOC; University of California, Santa Barbara.

Issues:Chimes V17 N5 May 1958
Chimes V20 N2 Feb 1961
Chimes V20 N5 May 1961
Chimes V20 N6 Jun 1961
Chimes V20 N7 Jul 1961
Chimes V20 N8 Aug 1961
Chimes V20 N9 Sep 1961
Chimes V20 N11 Nov 1961
Chimes V20 N12 Dec 1961
Chimes V28 N4 Apr 1969
Psychic Observer and Chimes V36 N5 Nov-Dec 1975

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