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Periodical: Psychic Observer

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Psychic Observer, The.
Spiritualism's Pictorial Journal.
Truth for Authority, Not Authority for Truth; After Death What? This Paper Tells You
Other titles: Dale News
1938--1974 Semimonthly
Lily Dale, NY, then Southern Pines, NC. Publisher: Dale News Inc.; Psychic Observer Corp.. Editor: Juliette Ewing Presser and Ralph G. Presser; Agnes F. Reuther; Tom O’Neill. Succeeded by: Psychic Observer and Chimes (formed by merger with Chimes)
1/1, August 1938-1974. $2.00 a year. 4-10 pp., 12 x 18, 10 cents a copy.

This was both a relic of and a throwback to more halcyon days. Its feature articles usually were reprints of old pieces by the likes of J.M. Peebles, Emma Hardinge Britten, and Cora L.V. Richmond, supplemented with new material by Sylvan Muldoon (on astral projection), Charles Fillmore (of Unity), and others, and with articles on famous spiritualists of the past like P.L.O.A. Keeler, and the journal was still featuring in the mid-1940s advertisements for aluminum spirit trumpets and slates for slate writing. It also published in the early days the program for the annual Lily Dale Assembly. The journal is especially valuable for its numerous advertisements for then-current mediums, camps, and spiritualist groups. It is said that the journal fell upon hard times when, in 1960, at the behest of Andrija Puharich, it published an expose, complete with photographs, of the fraud of several prominent mediums at Camp Chesterfield who were engaged in faking materializations. In 1974 the journal was merged with another failing journal -- Chimes -- to form Psychic Observer and Chimes. NSAC, Lily Dale; NYPL, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley; Los Angeles Public Library; University of Illinois; Ass’n for Research & Enlightenment; University of Waterloo, Ontario; University of Texas, Austin, Wisconsin Historical Society.

Issues:Psychic Observer N2 Sep 10 1938
Psychic Observer N12 Mar 10 1939
Psychic Observer N32 Jan 10 1940
Psychic Observer N52 Nov 10 1940
Psychic Observer N115 Jun 25 1943
Psychic Observer N119 Aug 25 1943
Psychic Observer N280 May 10 1950
Psychic Observer N336 Sep 10 1952
Psychic Observer N337 Sep 25 1952
Psychic Observer N338 Oct 10 1952

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