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Periodical: Aquarian Age

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Aquarian Age, The.
A Messenger of Light--A Bringer of Joy--A Healer / An Advanced Thought Magazine Devoted to the Christ Teaching of Love and Service, Divine Healing and the Unfolding of the Latent Soul Powers, Esoteric Astrology, Etc .
1917--1937? Monthly (but combined May/June and July/August)
Santa Barbara, CA. Publisher: Aquarian Ministry. Editor: George E. Brownell and Louise B. Brownell.
Corporate author: Organ of the Aquarian Ministry
1/1, 1917-1937(?) $1.00-$1.50 a year, 36 pp.

The Brownells founded the Aquarian Ministry to propagate their ideas on "abundant living" in this Aquarian Age. The journal, which was the organ of their movement, had regular contributions by the Brownells and by Orcella Rexford (”Vocational Expert and Color Psychologist”), William Alexander Redding, Dr. H.L. Cornell, Henry Thomas Hamblin, James L. Gordon, Adelaide Gaffney, et al. Redding, of Cripple Creek, Colorado, whose books the ministry published, seems to have been a principal teacher in the organization and is notable mainly because he was criticized by H.P. Holler for his "terribly misleading reincarnation illusion” that all the great men of the Bible were now incarnate on earth. The journal carried the standard New Thought disquisitions on healing at a distance, and regular affirmations for readers (”God is a mighty resurrecting power in me, awakening my soul to higher expression, etc.”), together with articles on numerology, medical astrology, çakras (”The Twelve Sacred Gates”), etc. Advertisements for the books and lessons of the Brownells and the journal's contributors as well as for The Brotherhood of Light, Llewellyn Publishing, San E, Foulds' Now: A Journal of Affirmation, the works of Isabella Ingalese and Max and Augusta Heindel, and various other Southern California healers and mystics. The only indication of the journal's circulation is the claim in 1921 that the previous year it had sent out 36,000 copies, which would indicate about 3,600 subscribers. Noted in William C. Hartmann's Who's Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925). Wisconsin Historical Society; University of Waterloo; Michigan State University; Universiteit Utrecht; LOC; NYPL; D.T. Suzuki archives, Japan.

Issues:Aquarian Age V4 N35 Feb 1921
Aquarian Age V4 N36 Mar 1921
Aquarian Age V4 N37 Apr 1921
Aquarian Age V4 N38 May 1921
Aquarian Age V4 N34 Jan 1921
Aquarian Age V4 N42 Oct 1921

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