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Periodical: Adiramled

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Adiramled. Devoted to the Science and Art of Health, Harmony and Happiness, and to the Illumination of Occult Truth.
Other titles: Adiramled Newsletter
1900--1903 Monthly
Wyoming, OH, New York, NY, East Orange, NJ, and then South Haven, MI.
Publisher: Adiramled Publishing Company.
Editor: Adiramled (Delmar DeForest Bryant).
Succeeded by: The Phalanx-->Regeneration (?)-->The Little Brown Book 1/1, December 1900-1903(?)

In a query posted at, Art Kunklin gives a fascinating overview of "Adiramled" (Delmar DeForest Bryant, Franklin, Pennsylvania, April 30, 1858 - Oklahoma, 1939), the author and editor of this journal. "Adiramled" was pronounced with emphasis on the penultimate syllable and was said to have been an initiatic name given Bryant. The name appears to be the reverse of his name ("Delmar") and "Ida"--who perhaps was the complement in his endeavors and was probably Ida Earley Bryant with whom he lived. She and George W. Carey and Bryant started a rhubarb business in Southern California in 1908. Bryant was a socialist, radical individualist, and practicing alchemist and the author of both books and lessons on alchemy, especially as "the occult solution of sex." These almost certainly included some form of the use of sexual power for magical, spiritual and alchemical purposes: he describes the work of his Adiramled School of Hermetic Science as "Thought-sexation," and quotes from and advertises the books of P.B. Randolph and other New Thought sexual mages with similar ideas, such as Harry Gaze and Alexander James McIvor-Tyndall. On Gaze, see the notes under Physical Immortality, Soundview, New Daily Life, and The Gaze. Ohio Historical Society microfilm (incomplete).

Adiramled V1 N1 Dec 1900
Adiramled V1 N2 Jan 1901
Adiramled V1 N3 Feb 1901
Adiramled V1 N4 Mar 1901
Adiramled V1 N5 Apr 1901
Adiramled V1 N6 May 1901
Adiramled V1 N7 Jun 1901
Adiramled V1 N8 Jul 1901
Adiramled V1 N9 Aug 1901
Adiramled V1 N10 Sep 1901
Adiramled V1 N11 Oct 1901
Adiramled V1 N12 Nov 1901
Adiramled V1 N13 Dec 1901
Adiramled V2 N1 Jan 1902
Adiramled V2 N2 Feb 1902
Adiramled V2 N3 Mar 1902
Adiramled V2 N4 Apr 1902
Adiramled V2 N5 May 1902
Adiramled V2 N6 Jun 1902
Adiramled V2 N7 Jul 1902
Adiramled V2 N8 Aug 1902
Adiramled V2 N9 Sep 1902
Adiramled V2 N10 Oct 1902
Adiramled V2 N11 Nov 1902
Adiramled V2 N12 Dec 1902 Partial
Adiramled V3 N1 Jan 1903
Adiramled V3 N2 Feb 1903
Adiramled V3 N3 Mar 1903
Adiramled V3 N4 Apr 1903
Adiramled V3 N5 May 1903
Adiramled V3 N6 Jun 1903
Adiramled V3 N8-9 Aug-sep 1903
Adiramled V3 N10 Sep 1903

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