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Periodical: Theosophical Worker

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Theosophical Worker, The.
1939--1946 Monthly
Adyar, India. Publisher: C. Subbarayudu, at the Vasanta Press. Editor: George S. Arundale.
Succeeds: Adyar News --> Theosophical World (1936-1939)
4/4-5, April 1939-11/3, March 1946. 24-28 pp. Volume numbering continues that of Theosophical World.

This was a supplement to the Theosophist and its price was included in the subscription price for that journal (18/- a year). This and its predecessors (Adyar News and Theosophical World) were intended by Arundale specifically for the members of the Theosophical Society in contrast with the Theosophist, which was directed at a more general audience. It was to be "a monthly journal printed at Adyar giving the busy Theosophist 'news of the family elsewhere.'" It became in practice an exposition for members worldwide of the ceaseless work for the cause of the society's staff at Adyar and an exhortation for members of the society to work harder to propagate Theosophy in the dark days of World War II. "Work Matters More!" was the regular introductory article by the editor. The underlying tone of the journal is pessimism about the current status and the fate of the Theosophical Society. C. Jinarajadasa, the new president of the society, incorporated the journal with the Theosophist in 1946. NYPL; BL.

This collection is part of a donation from the Portland, Oregon lodge of the Theosophical Society.

Issues:Theosophical Worker V4 N10 Oct 1939
Theosophical Worker V5 N2 Feb 1940
Theosophical Worker V5 N3 Mar 1940
Theosophical Worker V5 N4 Apr 1940
Theosophical Worker V7 N10 Oct 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N11 Nov 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N1 Jan 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N4 Apr 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N5 May 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N6 Jun 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N7 Jul 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N8 Aug 1942
Theosophical Worker V7 N9 Sep 1942
Theosophical Worker V8 N10 Oct 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N11 Nov 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N12 Dec 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N1 Jan 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N2 Feb 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N3 Mar 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N4 Apr 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N5 May 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N6 Jun 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N8 Aug 1943
Theosophical Worker V8 N9 Sep 1943

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