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Periodical: Psychic Power

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Psychic Power.
The Psychic Leader.
1923--1924 Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Psychic Power / Effa E. Danielson. Editor: Effa E. Danielson and William Brock, then Danielson alone.
Succeeds: Psychic Leader (1922) Succeeded by: The Occult Digest-->World Philosophy
2/1, February 1923-3/12, December 1924. $3.00 a year, 48 pp., 8 1/2 x 11. Continues volume numbering of Psychic Leader.

This is as close to an old-fashioned spiritualist journal as can be found at such a late date outside the institutional spiritualist journals: articles on photographing spirits, Abraham Lincoln as a spiritualist, and psychic detectives, courses on developing spirit communications, and even an advertisement for "Eckel's Standard Trumpet" ($2.00-$3.00) through which the spirits could communicate. The general transformation of spiritualism, however, also allowed the journal increasingly to carry a number of articles on the "higher attainments," the amalgam of New Thought-occultism with spiritualism: articles on, "Mind, the Master-Builder," suggestion, healing, Brahmavidya, auras, "the sixth sense," astrology, "Atlantis: History or Legend?" together with regular "Theosophical Talks." Regular contributions by Cabir Premel el Adaros, Yacki Raizizun, J.F.C. Grumbine, and Henry Frank, as well as a column on astrology and psychic phenomena occurring at Danielson's institute in Chicago. She was a medium and began her career in St. Louis, later moving to Chicago, where she combined the journal with her Psychic Power Research Association which gave weekly classes on developing psychical powers and communicating with the dead. NYPL; Yale University; LOC; University of Illinois, Harvard University; San Diego State University.

Issues:Psychic Power V2 N1 Feb 1923
Psychic Power V2 N2 Mar 1923
Psychic Power V2 N3 Apr 1923
Psychic Power V2 N4 May 1923
Psychic Power V2 N5 Jun 1923
Psychic Power V2 N6 Jul 1923
Psychic Power V2 N7 Aug 1923
Psychic Power V2 N8 Oct 1923
Psychic Power V2 N8 Sep 1923
Psychic Power V2 N9 Nov 1923
Psychic Power V2 N10 Dec 1923
Psychic Power V3 N1 Jan 1924
Psychic Power V3 N2 Feb 1924
Psychic Power V3 N3 Mar 1924
Psychic Power V3 N4 Apr 1924
Psychic Power V3 N5 May 1924.
Psychic Power V3 N6 Jun 1924
Psychic Power V3 N7 Jul 1924
Psychic Power V3 N8 Aug 1924
Psychic Power V3 N9 Sep 1924
Psychic Power V3 N10 Oct 1924
Psychic Power V3 N11 Nov 1924
Psychic Power V3 N12 Dec 1924

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