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Periodical: The Present Age

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Present Age, The.
Devoted to the Spiritual Philosophy, Polite Literature and General Intelligence, and all the Reformatory Movements of the Day. Suffrage for Women Specially Advocated.
Be So True to Thyself as that Thou Be Not False to Others.—Bacon / The World My Country, To Do Good My Religion / Error is Mortal and Cannot Life. Truth is Immortal and Cannot Die / etc.
Other titles: Present Age and Universe
1868-1873? Weekly
Lyons, MI; Kalamazoo, MI; New York, NY; Chicago, IL. Editor: Colonel Dorus M. Fox, editor and publisher, Dean Clark, assistant editor; Lyman B. Brown, resident editor; Stillman F. Breed, A.B. French, F.L. Wadsworth, W.J. Jamieson, Lois Waisbrooker, corresponding editors; associate editors: Prof. E. Whipple and Nettie M. Pease; J.S. Loveland, editor Philosophical Department, Dr. F.L.H. Willis and Mrs. Love M. Willis, editors, New York Department; after resumption in 1873, edited by Samuel Byron Brittan (1815-1883). Succeeded by: Golden Age (merged with)
Corporate author: Michigan Association of Spiritualists1/1, 1868-1873(?) $2.00 a year "invariably in advance." 4 pp, 19 x 26, 26 x 40; 5 columns of advertising, primarily for dubious medical remedies.

In 1870 the journal was claiming a circulation of 4,000. The advertisement for the journal in the Index for April 9, 1870, describes it as "Devoted to the Spiritual Philosophy, Polite Literature and General Intelligence, and all the Reformatory Movements of the Day. Suffrage for Women Specially Advocated." The journal ceased in 1872, but the Banner of Light for March 22, 1873, notes that it had resumed publication under D.M. Fox, with the veteran S.B. Brittan as editor in chief. The revived journal must have been short-lived. The journal, however, is still noted in Reformirende Blätter, February 1883, which may indicate that it was published until then. Regular articles by J.S. Loveland, E. Whipple, Hudson Tuttle, Mrs. H.F.M. Brown, Annie Denton Cridge, and others. The journal, as is apparent from its contributors and editors and the involvement of Dorus Fox, was decidedly on the radical side of the spiritualist spectrum. Featured a "Children’s Department" and various other local departments, and regular novels, including "A Search for the Temple of Happiness" by the medium Nettie M. Pease, who was to become Fox’s wife and an editor of the journal. Noted in "Journals Devoted to Spiritualism" in Year-Book of Spiritualism for 1871. An advertisement in the journal on August 29, 1869 for The Universe notes that the latter journal will thenceforth be called Present Age and Universe, which may indicate a consolidation. University of Rochester.

Note: Volume 6 issues are issues originally owned by L. M. Severance, the medium.

Present Age V1 N10 Aug 22 1868
Present Age V1 N36 Feb 20 1869
Present Age V2 N11 Aug 29 1869
Present Age V2 N19 Oct 23 1869
Present Age V2 N23 Nov 20 1869
Present Age V2 N24 Nov 27 1869
Present Age V2 N25 Dec 4 1869
Present Age V2 N26 Dec 11 1869
Present Age V2 N27 Dec 18 1869
Present Age V2 N28 Dec 25 1869
Present Age V2 N29 Jan 1 1870
Present Age V2 N2 Jun 26 1869
Present Age V2 N30 Jan 8 1870
Present Age V2 N31 Jan 15 1870
Present Age V2 N32 Jan 22 1870
Present Age V2 N33 Jan 29 1870
Present Age V2 N34 Feb 5 1870
Present Age V2 N35 Feb 12 1870
Present Age V2 N36 Feb 19 1870
Present Age V2 N37 Feb 26 1870
Present Age V2 N38 Mar 5 1870
Present Age V2 N39 Mar 12 1870
Present Age V2 N40 Mar 19 1870
Present Age V2 N41 Mar 26 1870
Present Age V2 N42 Apr 2 1870
Present Age V2 N44 Apr 16 1870
Present Age V2 N45 Apr 23 1870
Present Age V2 N46 Apr 30 1870
Present Age V2 N48 May 14 1870
Present Age V2 N49 May 21 1870
Present Age V2 N50 May 28 1870
Present Age V2 N52 Jun 11 1870
Present Age V3 N1 Jun 18 1870
Present Age V3 N2 Jun 25 1870
Present Age V3 N3 Jul 2 1870
Present Age V3 N4 Jul 9 1870
Present Age V3 N5 Jul 16 1870
Present Age V3 N7 Jul 30 1870
Present Age V4 N3 Dec 23 1871
Present Age V6 N4 Dec 30 1871
Present Age V6 N5 Jan 6 1872
Present Age V6 N6 Jan 13 1872
Present Age V6 N7 Jan 20 1872
Present Age V6 N8 Jan 27 1872
Present Age V6 N9 Feb 3 1872
Present Age V6 N10 Feb 10 1872
Present Age V6 N11 Feb 17 1872
Present Age V6 N12 Feb 24 1872
Present Age V6 N13 Mar 2 1872
Present Age V6 N14 Mar 9 1872
Present Age V6 N15 Mar 16 1872
Present Age V6 N16 Mar 23 1872
Present Age V6 N17 Mar 30 1872
Present Age V6 N18 Apr 6 1872
Present Age V6 N19 Apr 13 1872
Present Age V6 N20 Apr 20 1872
Present Age V6 N21 Apr 27 1872
Present Age V6 N22 May 4 1872
Present Age V6 N23 May 11 1872
Present Age V6 N24 May 18 1872
Present Age V6 N25 May 25 1872
Present Age V6 N26 Jun 1 1872

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