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Periodical: The Occultist (Los Angeles)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Occultist, The.
A Causational Medium of Creative Thought / Devoted to Occult Science and Philosophy.
Nulla Crede, Omnia Nosce
Other titles: Occult Life (name change as of March 1929)
1926?--1929? Bimonthly, monthly (irregular)
Los Angeles, CA. Succeeded by: Occult Life (name change as of March 1929); The Principle
1/1, November-December 1926(?)-March 1929, when name was changed to Occult Life. 24-42 pp., $3.00 a year.

Beasley was a Hollywood screen writer and astrologer who went on, in 1943, to write for the Philosopher's Stone and to edit and publish The Principle. This journal was a who's who of the minor figures in the Los Angeles/Hollywood world of the 1920s, with contributions by Julia Seton. Will Levington Comfort (editor of the Glass Hive), Kevah Deo Griffis, John H. Dequer, Richard and Isabella Ingalese, O.W. Le Mar, Llewellyn George (editor of the Astrological Bulletina), Cora Belle Miller, Axel Emil Gibson, Gaspar Bela Daruvary, Artie Mae Blackburn, Marc Edmund Jones, Diana Belais, Zurea Zuray, et al. The journal is most valuable for its advertisements for the peripheral occult figures and establishments of the time in Los Angeles: First National University, Newark, New Jersey ("Be a Drugless Physician"); Emery Myers "Astrologer-Egyptologist"; The Illuminati School, Santa Monica; AMORC; Svend Raasted ("Complete Instructions in Kabbalastic [sic] Understanding"); Rev. Beatrissia Marye, Beverly Hills ("Are You Ill?"); Casa Solana College of Occult Science ("Refits Life's 'Misfits' in its Department of Individual Service"), and many more. LOC; Harvard University; San Diego State University; UofC, Santa Barbara.

Issues:Occult Life Los Angeles V2 3 Mar 1929
Occult Life Los Angeles V2 4 Apr 1929
Occult Life Los Angeles V2 5 Jun 1929
Occult Life Los Angeles V2 6 Jul-sep
Occultist Life Los Angeles V2 N7 Oct-nov 1929
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N10 May-jul 1928
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N11 Nov 1928
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N12 Dec 1928
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N7 Nov-dec 1927
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N8 Jan-feb 1928
Occultist Los Angeles V1 N9 Maar-apr 1928
Occultist Los Angeles V2 N1 Jan 1929
Occultist Los Angeles V2 N2 Feb 1929

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