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Periodical: The Adept

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Adept, The.
Occultism, Symbolism and Liberal Thought / Devoted to Astrology, Evolution, Monism / Devoted to Monism, Evolution, Astrology and Liberal Thought / A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching and Demonstrating the Truth of Astrology: The American Journal of Astrology / Instructions in Geocentric and Heliocentric Astrology, Hypnotism, Psychic Development, Mental Science.
Other titles: American Journal of Astrology
1898-1929? Monthly
Minneapolis, then Markville, and then Crystal Bay, MN.
Editor: Frederick R. White, editor and publisher. Succeeded by: American Astrological Student and Adept; American Astrological Student
1/1, January 1898-1929(?) 44 pages, 6 x 9, 50 cents a year. 36 pp. (but usually 18 pp.) Unpaginated.

S.C. Gould in his "Resume of Arcane Societies," Notes and Queries, 1900, links this with the Modern Order of the White Mahatmas which shared the journal's address and featured the predictive astrological work of R. Hollingsworth ("the leader in market predictions"), Fred R. White ("the leading astrologer of America"), and Leona White ("the astral leader"). Gould describes the magazine as "the most original of occult magazines" and notes another journal published at the same address in Minneapolis: The Prophetic Messenger. White was primarily an astrologer and published several works on the subject. The journal began with aspirations to attract a wide audience for its mix of general occultism, astrology, free thought, "scientific monism," and prairie socialism, but increasingly devoted itself to astrology alone. It displayed its free-thought predilections by attacking Koreshanity. Notable contributions by and advertisements for Professor W.H. Chaney and his College of Astrology in Chicago. During the First World War, the journal became the official organ of the American Astrological Society. Rowell's American Newspaper Directory for 1900 says the journal had a circulation of less than 1,000.NYPL; Harvard University; University of Michigan; Minnesota Historical Society.

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