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Organization: The Brotherhood of Light

Summary:  Founded by Benjamin Parker Williams (Elbert Benjamine | C. C. Zain, 1882-1951) c. 1920, and the precursor to the Church of Light.
Lessons (by date):1921 Zain Laws Of Occultism N39
1923 Zain Laws Of Occultism N41
1924 Zain Laws Of Occultism N42
1925 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N2
1925 Zain Laws Of Occultism N43
1925 Zain Laws Of Occultism N44
1925 Zain Laws Of Occultism N45
1926 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N46
1926 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N47
1926 Zain Laws Of Occultism N40
1927 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N3
1927 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N4
1927 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N5
1928 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N1
1928 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N20
1928 Benjamine Astrological Signatures N21
1930 Zain Horary Astrology Examination Questions
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N36
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N86
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N87
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N88
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N89
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N90
1930 Zain Horary Astrology N91
1934 Zain Natal Astrology Examination Questions
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N103
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N104
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N105
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N106
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N107
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N108
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N109
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N110
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N111
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N112
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N113
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N114
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N115
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N116
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N117
1934 Zain Natal Astrology N19
1936 Zain Esoteric Psychology Examination Questions
1936 Zain Esoteric Psychology N61
1936 Zain Esoteric Psychology N64
1936 Zain Esoteric Psychology N65
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy Examination Questions
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy N95
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy N96
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy N97
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy N98
1937 Zain Mental Alchemy N99
1938 Zain Ancient Masonry Examination Questions
1938 Zain Ancient Masonry N7
1938 Zain Ancient Masonry N8
1943 Zain Occultism Applied To Daily Life Examination Questions
1943 Zain Occultism Applied To Daily Life N151
1943 Zain Occultism Applied To Daily Life N152
1943 Zain Occultism Applied To Daily Life N158
1944 Zain Occultism Applied To Daily Life N157
1944 Zain Organic Alchemy Examination Questions
1944 Zain Organic Alchemy N209
1944 Zain Organic Alchemy N210
1944 Zain Organic Alchemy N211
1944 Zain Organic Alchemy N215
1946 Zain Cosmic Alchemy Examination Questions
1946 Zain Cosmic Alchemy N171
1947 Zain Stellar Healing Examination Questions
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N197
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N198
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N199
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N200
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N201
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N202
1947 Zain Stellar Healing N206

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