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Periodical: Spiritual Notes

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Spiritual Notes.
A Monthly Epitome of the Transactions of Spiritual and Psychological Societies, and Auxiliary to the Spirit Circle, Medium, and Lecturer.
1878--1881 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: E.W. Allen (for the proprietors). Editor: Thomas Blyton.

1/1, July 1878-1881. 2s., 6d. a year, 12-16 pp., illustrated (the first number has a picture of William Eglinton). After its break with The Spiritualist, the BNAS used Spiritual Notes as its organ. The journal also carried notable articles on the "Order of the White Cross" which Psychische Studien 6/10 (October 1879): 479 describes as a new secret society formed to teach the "higher truths" of spiritualism. It was begun by Susie Willis Fletcher and lasted into the 1890s. The order may be connected with Prentice Mulford, on whom see the note under White Cross Library, since Mrs. Fletcher claimed after Mulford’s death that he was working under the auspices of her Order of the White Cross. During the period of its existence the journal was a chronicle of the doings of British spiritualism and spiritualists, including notably William Stanton Moses, Dr. Monck, W.H. Harrison, C. Reimers, James Burns, Kate Cook, Mrs. Billings, William Howitt, William Eglinton, and many more. Supplements on the status and doings of the BNAS. Harry Price Library, University of London; Boston Public Library; National Library of Scotland; BL; Society for Psychical Research; LOC.

Issues:Spiritual Notes V1 Index
Spiritual Notes V1 N1 Jul 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N2 Aug 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N3 Sep 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N4 Oct 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N5 Nov 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N6 Dec 1878
Spiritual Notes V1 N7 Jan 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N8 Feb 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N9 Mar 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N10 Apr 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N11 May 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N12 Jun 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N13 Jul 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N14 Aug 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N15 Sep 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N16 Oct 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N17 Nov 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N18 Dec 1879
Spiritual Notes V1 N19 Jan 1880
Spiritual Notes V1 N20 Feb 1880
Spiritual Notes V1 N21 Mar 1880
Spiritual Notes V1 N22 Apr 1880
Spiritual Notes V1 N23 May 1880
Spiritual Notes V1 N24 Jun 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N25 Jul 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N26 Aug 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N27 Sep 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N28 Oct 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N29 Nov 1880
Spiritual Notes V2 N30 Dec 1880

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