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Periodical: Realization

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Devoted to the Philosophy and Methods of Higher Attainment / A Mystical and Ethical Journal.
1900--1905? Monthly, bimonthly
Washington, D.C.. Editor: Joseph Stewart, LL.M.
1/1, December 1900. The first number is dated both November and December, but was succeeded by the issue of January 1901. 18-36 pp., $2.00-$1.50 a year.

The journal "was devoted to the Philosophy and Methods of the Higher Attainment. It makes special features of Concentration and Psychic Science, and presents new and original matter as well as past research. It is scientific, Synthetic and constructive. Its excellence is attested by the opinions of leading thinkers and the esteem in which it is held." It consisted of "Special Treatises," "lessons and special studies by [Stewart] in the philosophy and methods of attainment, concentration, the Silence, Yoga, Psychic Science, and the general subject of Realization." These included Stewart's ideas on "Precognition," "Must We Grow Old and Die?" "Some Problems and Dangers of Telepathic Rapport," "Psychic Breathings," "Rapport with the Universal," "Raja Yoga," "Apotheosis of Soul," and the like. Stewart was a leading figure in INTA and wrote for Herald of the Golden Age, Evelyn Arthur See's Higher Thought, and Mind. Noted in Herbert N. Casson, The Crime of Credulity (New York: Peter Eckler, 1901), The Prophet, February 1901, Eltka, 1904, and the Religio-Philosophical Journal, 1905, and in the exchanges of The Mazdaznan, 1904. LOC.

Issues:Realization V1 N1 Dec 1900
Realization V1 N2 Jan 1901
Realization V1 N3 Mar 1901
Realization V1 N4 May 1901
Realization V1 N5 Jul 1901
Realization V1 N6 Sep 1901
Realization V1 N7 Nov 1901
Realization V2 N1 Jan-Feb 1902
Realization V2 N2 Mar-Apr 1902
Realization V2 N3 May-Jun 1902
Realization V2 N4 Jul-Aug 1902
Realization V2 N5 Sep-Oct 1902
Realization V2 N6 Nov-Dec 1902
Realization V3 N1 Jan-Feb 1903
Realization V3 N2 Mar-Apr 1903
Realization V3 N3 May-Jun 1903
Realization V3 N4 Jul-Aug 1903
Realization V3 N5 Sep-Oct 1903
Realization V3 N6 Nov-Dec 1903

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