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Periodical: Macrocosmo (Barcelona)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista Espirita Naturista.
1933--1936? Monthly
Barcelona, Spain. Language: Spanish and Catalan. Publisher: Cenacula El Progreso del Alma. Editor: Antonio Badia Matamala.
Corporate author: Organo del Cenacula El Progreso del Alma
1/1, July 1933-1936. 32 pp.

This was a "naturalist" (nudist, natural living, water cure, and vegetarian) spiritualist journal. The connection between nudism/naturism and spiritualism is not unusual and can be found in Naturopath, Lumiere et Liberte, and other journals. Perhaps because of its encouragement of nudism (with regular plates of carefully posed, happy excursionists in the all-together), the journal was largely anonymous and pseudonymous. To show its catholic (though distinctly non-Catholic) approach to spiritualism the title page of the journal carried portraits of Kardec, Amelia Domingo y Soler and Miguel Vives, and the section on "Nuestro Naturismo" showed pictures of Khune, Priessnitz, Kneip, and other prominent forerunners of naturism. For unknown reasons, the journal changed the color of the text with every issue. The journal included "Medianimicas" (reports of seances held by the organization), reports of conferences on naturism and the excursions of the Cenaculo's members into the wild, and extensive discussions on pacifism and disarmament and on "Nuestra Alimentacion Natural" (salt as the "agent of death"), etc. Archivo General de la Guerra Civil EspaƱola; BNE.

Issues:Macrocosmo V1 N1 Jul 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N2 Aug 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N3 Sep 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N4 Oct 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N5 Nov 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N6 Dec 1933
Macrocosmo V1 N7 Jan 1934
Macrocosmo V1 N8 Feb 1934
Macrocosmo V1 N9 Mar 1934
Macrocosmo V1 N10 Apr 1934
Macrocosmo V1 N11 May 1934
Macrocosmo V1 N12 Jun 1934
Macrocosmo V2 24 Jun 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N13 Jul 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N14 Aug 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N15 Sep 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N16 Oct 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N17 Nov 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N18 Dec 1934
Macrocosmo V2 N19 Jan 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N20 Feb 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N21 Mar 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N22 Apr 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N23 May 1935
Macrocosmo V2 N24 Jun 1935

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