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Periodical: Hesperia

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista Teosofica y Poligrafica.
Satyat nasti paro Dharma--La religion mas elevada es la Verdad
1921--1925 Monthly, then bimonthly
Madrid, Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Mario Roso de Luna y Bover; occasional administrator, Miss Sara Roso de Luna y Roman.
1/1, November 1921-5/41, February-March 1925. 6 x 9, 4-16 pp. 12 pesetas a year.

Though this was properly a Theosophical journal, it was one of the most important steps in the development of occultism in Spain. It was the product of the novelist and Theosophist Mario Roso de Luna (1872-1931), a tireless Theosophical propagandist in Spain and South America, who supplied most of the content, including versions of some of his best-known fiction and occult idea like "El Mago de Logrosan" and "Del Arbol de las Hesperides." It also included a translation of Kipling’s "If" ("Si tu te puedes conservar sereno . . . ."). From mid-1923 on, the journal abandoned its more journalistic format and became primarily the vehicle for a series of monographs. Roso de Luna eventually left the Adyar Theosophists and joined the California society that followed Katherine Tingley, only to go his own way before his death in 1931, turning in the end to Om Cherenzi Lind. The journal’s last issue, vol. 5, nos. 40-41, expressed the hope of restarting the journal in September, but it was not done. Before his death Roso y Luna published Ateneo Filosofico, devoted to his own mature ideas on occultism. NYPL; University of Pittsburgh; Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola.

The history of the camp and its newspapers is given by Bach in his A Hisory of Cassadaga Camp, printed as a premium for the Sunflower in 1899. NY State Library; SUNY, Fredonia, microfilm; LOC; NSAC, Lily Dale; Skidmore, Lily Dale (1904-1906); Cattaraugus County Historical Society.

Issues:Hesperia V1 N1 Nov 1921
Hesperia V1 N2 Dec 1921
Hesperia V2 N3 Jan 1922
Hesperia V2 N4 Feb 1922
Hesperia V2 N5 Mar 1922
Hesperia V2 N6 Apr 1922
Hesperia V2 N8 Jun 1922
Hesperia V2 N9 Jul 1922
Hesperia V2 N10-11 Aug-sep 1922
Hesperia V2 N12 Oct 1922
Hesperia V2 N13 Nov 1922
Hesperia V2 N14 Dec 1922
Hesperia V3 N15 Jan 1923
Hesperia V3 N16 Feb 1923
Hesperia V3 N17 Mar 1923
Hesperia V3 N18 Mar 1923
Hesperia V3 N19 May 1923
Hesperia V3 N20-21 Jun-jul 1923
Hesperia V3 N22-23 Aug-sep 1923
Hesperia V3 N24 Oct 1923
Hesperia V3 N25 Nov 1923
Hesperia V4 N28 Feb 1924
Hesperia V4 N29-30 Mar-apr 1924
Hesperia V4 N31-32 May-jun 1924
Hesperia V4 N35-36 Sep-oct 1924

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