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Periodical: Goldfield Gossip

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Goldfield Gossip.
A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Extending Knowledge of the Mines and Stocks of Southern Nevada.
1906--1908 Monthly, then weekly, then monthly
Goldfield/Carson City, NV. Editor: Sydney Blanshard Flower, a.k.a. Parmeter Kent.
Succeeds: Hypnotic Magazine (August 1896-December 1897)-->Journal of Medical Hypnotism (January to May 1898)-->Suggestive Therapeutics (June 1898-January 1901)-->Journal of Magnetism (January-November 1901)-->New Thought (December 1901-October 1910)-->Neue Gedanken (1904-1907) Succeeded by: Popular Therapeutics (New Thought merged into in 1910)-->The Yogi (1910-1911?)-->New Thought (1920-1922?)-->Rejuvenation (1921?-1922?)-->Will-Power (1922?)-->The Thinker (1924?-1925?)
1/1, October 1906-January 1908. 30 ppl, $1.00 a year. This journal is included here because of its editor/publisher. The association of Flower/Parmeter with it alerts us to the fact that there was necessarily something suspect about the journal. Flower by the time this journal appeared had put out a string of New Thought journals, notably The New Thought, in Chicago, which had been connected with financial disasters and claims of fraud. This journal purported to be a summary of local gold-mining opinion in southern Nevada, but it was primarily intended as a promotion of "Parmeter Kent's"(the editor's) mining-stock brokerage and was distributed mainly in the East where copper miners were few and far between but investors and dupes abounded. The scheme came tumbling down when, probably under threat of the revelation of his past, Kent revealed that he was really Sydney Blanshard Flower and that, although he was now reformed, he had previously been charged with mail fraud for a variety of schemes involving, notably, a magnetic ore separator and a Colorado gold mine, which he had promoted through The New Thought. This implausible story of reform had the desired effect and the journal continued until the beginning of 1908 when the fever of mining speculation cooled--and the Post Office again brought mail-fraud charges against Flower. His next journal, The Yogi, was begun while he was in jail pending trial. He was tried twice on the fraud charges, with a hung jury the first time and an acquittal the second. LOC.

Issues:Goldfield Gossip V1 N1 Oct 1906
Goldfield Gossip V1 N2 Nov 1906
Goldfield Gossip V2 N1 Jan 1 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N20 Jun 1 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N21 Jul 1 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N22 Aug 1 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N23 Sep 1 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N2 Jan 17 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N3 Jan 26 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N4 Feb 2 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N5 Feb 9 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N6 Feb 16 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N7 Feb 23 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N8 Mar 2 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N9 Mar 9 1907
Goldfield Gossip V1 N3 Dec 1906
Goldfield Gossip V2 N10 Mar 16 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N11 Mar 23 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N12 Mar 30 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N13 Apr 6 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N14 Apr 13 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N15 Apr 20 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N16 Apr 27 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N17 May 4 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N18 May 11 1907
Goldfield Gossip V2 N19 May 18 1907

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