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Periodical: The Cosmic World

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Cosmic World, The.
A new and Beautiful Magazine Which Presents the Highest Spiritual Thought in the World Today.
1908--1912? Quarterly, then monthly
Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Progress Company; New Literature Publishing Co.. Editor: Christian Daa Larson, President; William Walker Atkinson, Vice-President; Edward E. Beals, Treasurer and Manager; H.E. Walrath, Secretary .
1/1, September 1908. Restarted January 1912 after a hiatus. $1.00 a year.

This was another of Larson's ventures (see the note under Eternal Progress) but unlike the success-oriented offerings of some of the other journals this was affective and devotional in its tone: "The Perfection of My Being Is Now Realized in the Consciousness of My Oneness with God," etc. Frances Maule Bjorkman, "The Literature of 'New Thoughters," The World's Work 19, no. 3 (January 1910): 12471-12475, says the journal had been "established to impart instruction for the development of soul and the cosmic consciousness." It apparently lapsed for a time, since Larson in 1912 said that he was restarting it, first as a quarterly, then monthly, because of popular demand. "Its teachings will be the highest and the most ideal known to spiritual consciousness, and its physical appearance will be in keeping." It seems not to have lasted long thereafter. The advertisement for the journal in Mystic Magazine, 1908, touted it as "opening the mind to Cosmic Consciousness" and satisfying "the hunger of soul . . . to those who desire to ascend to the sublime Spiritual Heights of Divine Being," etc. LOC.

Issues:Cosmic World V1 N1 Sep 1908
Cosmic World V1 N1 Sep 1908 Alt
Cosmic World V1 N2 Oct 1908
Cosmic World V1 N2 Oct 1908 Alt
Cosmic World V1 N3 Nov 1908
Cosmic World V1 N3 Nov 1908 Alt
Cosmic World V1 N4 Dec 1908
Cosmic World V1 N5 Jan 1909
Cosmic World V1 N7 Mar 1909
Cosmic World V1 N8 Apr 1909

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