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Periodical: The World's Paper

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

World's Paper.
For the Discussion and Diffusion of Truth, and Exposure of Error.
1857-1861? Weekly
Sandusky, then Randolph, VT. Publisher: A.C. Estabrook & Co.. Editor: Daniel Tarbell, Jr., editor, and after 1861, R.P. Ripley.
1/1, 1857-1861) $1.50 a year in advance, and $2.00 in arrears! 4 pp., 17 x 22.

"This newspaper also discusses spiritual and other pressing issues of the day." Tarbell was a cantankerous Yankee who started the journal because of the spirits' insistence that he do so (and their threats to his financial well-being if he did not). He delighted in controversy. In his autobiography, Incidents of Real Life (1883), Tarbell says he sold the journal and his press to R.P. Ripley in 1861 who removed the enterprise to Randolph. Contributions by Tarbell, D.J. Mandell, Miss A.W. Sprague, et al. Because of Estabrook's involvement, this may be related to the Green Mountain Sybil. University of Rochester

Issues:Worlds Paper V1 N10 Aug 28 1857
Worlds Paper V2 N6 Jun 11 1859
Worlds Paper V1 N4 Jul 3 1857
Worlds Paper V1 N7 Jul 24 1857
Worlds Paper V1 N11 Sep 18 1857
Worlds Paper V1 N15 Nov 6 1857
Worlds Paper V1 N22 Feb 12 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N24 Mar 12 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N32 Jul 2 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N37 Sep 17 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N38 Oct 1 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N40 Oct 29 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N41 Nov12 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N42 Nov 26 1858
Worlds Paper V1 N44 Dec 24 1858 Partial
Worlds Paper V2 N2 Mar 19 1859
Worlds Paper V2 N9 Aug 25 1860
Worlds Paper V2 N11 Nov 3 1860
Worlds Paper V2 N16 Jun 1866

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