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Periodical: Wings of Truth

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Wings of Truth.
An Absolutely Unique Magazine, Devoted to New Thought and the Occult / A Monthly Journal devoted to the Higher Metaphysics, Mental Science, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Spiritualism, Theosophy, etc.
Other titles: Wings
1900--1903 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: E. Marsh-Stiles. Editor: O. Hashnu Hara (E. Marsh-Stiles).
Succeeded by: The English Magazine of Mysteries
1/1, June 1900-4/1, June 1903. 16-52 pp., 8 1/2 x 4 1/2. 4/- a year,

Hara was the English equivalent of the American New Thought-occult mages of the period, men such as W.W. Atkinson, News E. Wood, T.J. Betiero, Charles W. Close, J.C.F. Grumbine, et al. Hara's identity remains a mystery but she was a woman since she remembers in one of her books something that occurred when she was a girl, and was perhaps Australian, raised, as the editor of The Nautilus noted, in the Outback, without a mother. Marc Demarest has compared the records of addresses used for various of her publications and advertisements, and hypothesizes convincingly that Hara was almost certainly Ethel Marsh Stiles, the publisher of the journal, born in London in 1876-1877. Hara wrote voluminously and published private lessons on Sychiscopy, Practical Psychometry, Practical Yoga and Persian Magic, Mental Alchemy, Concentration, Number, Name and Color, The Complexion Beautiful, or, New Skins for Old!, Practical Hypnotism, etc. She was the secretary for England of the Order of the White Rose and of the College of Psychical Sciences and Unfoldment, an American lesson-mill and occult order organized around J.C.F. Grumbine and, to a lesser extent, W.J. Colville. The journal in its advertisement in Weltmer's Magazine, 1902, touted William Heald's series on "The New Science of Colours and Numbers: Chromoscopy" (to promote which Hara in 1903 started The Predictionist). The journal also announced articles on Esoteric Freemasonry, Healing, Concentration, Practical Lessons in Theosophy (which, despite its title, was more of the same exegesis of the writings of Blavatsky and her epigynous followers), Clairvoyance and the like, and promoted its own "Success Circle" in emulation of the New York Magazine of Mysteries and Sydney Flower's New Thought (Chicago), and regularly carried a series ("Cardy Mums") on the significance of playing cards. The advertisement in The Adept, June 1900, claims the journal was "The world's leading Occult and New Thought monthly!" and sought agents worldwide to reach a circulation of 200,000, though it is more than doubtful that it ever achieved that goal. Under her own name (E. Marsh-Stiles) Hara also published the Occult Literary News and Review, the Palmist's Review, and the Predictionist. In addition to a host of minor psychometrists, character readers, clairvoyants, psychic healers, food-faddists (an appropriately named "Fruit and Nut Diet" was advertised), and the like, the journal featured articles by, advertisements for, or notices of the entire web of New Thought mages, institutes and journals: Franz Hartmann; Edward Carpenter; Alice B. Stockham; Charles W. Close; Helen Wilmans and her husband C.C. Post; Paul Tyner; W. Denton; W.F. Whitehead (a reprint of his "How to Make a Magic Mirror"); Henry Harrison Brown; M.E. Conger's Right Generation the Key of the Kingdom of Heaven; A. Osbourne Eaves; Margaret B. Peake; Grumbine's College of Divine Sciences and Realization; Prof. Robert Bailey's North-Western Institute (the cure for the disease of poverty); Sidney D. Beard's Order of the Golden Age; The World's Advance Thought; C.W. Close's The Free Man; The Ideal Review; Steuart Graham's The Journal of Thought Power; Robert Sheerin's The Suggester and Thinker and The Psychic Digest and Occult Review of Reviews; The Occult Literary News and Review; Wilmans' Freedom; Weltmer's Magazine; Psyche (London); Kate Atkinson Boehme's The Radiant Centre; Immortality (the organ of J.C.F. Grumbine's Order of the White Rose); Otoman Zar-Adusht Hanish's The Mazdaznan; Parzival Braun's New Man and a reprint of his "The Mystery of Sex"; Eleanor Kirk; Henry Frank's The Independent Thinker; William Walker Atkinson; W.J. Colville; Elizabeth and William E. Towne and a reprint of her "How to Rouse The Solar Plexus"; Hiram Erastus Butler; The Pathfinder (Colorado); The Adept; Magazine of Mysteries; Expression (London); New Thought (Chicago); The Nautilus; The Occult and Biological Review. At the time of the sensational Diss Debar/Madame Horos trial in London, which revealed the mysteries of the Golden Dawn, the Rev. William Alexander Ayton wrote a correspondent that the "Ritual and knowledge MSS" of the order had been published by the publisher of Wings of Truth, but if they were they were not printed in the journal itself, though a copy of the journal was introduced into evidence at the trial. ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol.; Tufts University; BL.

Note: The sequencing of Volume 1 and Volume 2, below, are based on (scant) internal evidence; the original from which the issues were digitized did not contain in most cases covers, and Marsh-Stiles did not explicitly date or sequence the periodical until some point during the publication of the second volume.

Issues:Wings of Truth V1 N1 June 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N2 Jul 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N3 Aug 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N4 Sep 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N5 Oct 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N6 Nov 1900
Wings of Truth V1 N8 Jan 1901
Wings of Truth V1 N9 Feb 1901
Wings of Truth V1 N10 Mar 1901
Wings of Truth V1 N11 Apr 1901
Wings of Truth V1 N12 May 1901
Wings of Truth V2 N11 Apr 1902
Wings of Truth V2 N12 May 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N1 Jun 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N2 Jul 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N3 Aug 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N4 Sep 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N5 Oct 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N6 Nov 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N7 Dec 1902
Wings of Truth V3 N8 Jan 1903
Wings of Truth V3 N9 Feb 1903
Wings of Truth V3 N10 Mar 1903
Wings of Truth V3 N11 Apr 1903
Wings of Truth V3 N12 May 1903
Wings of Truth V4 N1 Jun 1903

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