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Periodical: Valor
Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

A Journal of Interpretation for Students of Soulcraft / The Golden Times Weekly / The Magazine of Soulcraft, with which is Combined "Bright Horizons" / A Journal of Applied Spirituality.
Soulcraft Press
Other titles: Valor Magazine
Noblesville, IN. Publisher: Soulcraft Chapels; A.M. Henderson, business manager. Editor: William Dudley Pelley.
Succeeds: Galilean; Bright Horizons (1955)
1/1, January 18, 1950-1962(?) 32 pp., $5.00 a year.

At some point after the first year the volume numbering was changed to reflect two volumes a year. The journal was begun by Pelley upon leaving prison in 1950 and was devoted to American Soulcraft, popular sovereignty, racism, and anti-communism. Soulcraft was defined by Pelley as "Aggressive Christianity," though it had little to do with orthodox Christianity. Its partisans could expect (or hope) during this life to achieve, as Pelley had done, communion by Extra-Sensory Perception with the "Graduated Souls on higher echelons of survived Consciousness"--including the Risen Christ (the "Elder Brother"). They could also learn, by mastering Pelley's interminable and expensive series of lessons, to understand the foibles and trials of this life as being the results of ill-planning in a previous existence (karma: "No Man's Life Contains Anything He Has Not Specified") and to learn the means to benefit in future existences from an understanding of this law and advance through the Higher Octaves of Consciousness. The journal functioned largely as an advertising medium for Pelley's books and courses of lessons and contained reprints of his earlier lessons and fiction and dire forebodings about America's near future (reinforced with newly received prognostications from Nostradamus). In the early years the journal carried a regular column by George Hunt Williamson on UFOs. The journal absorbed another of Pelley's efforts: Bright Horizons: A Monthly Magazine of Instruction and Inspiration from Sources Behind or Above the Mortal, which consisted of Pelley's answers to questions raised by this journal and by his other Soulcraft writings. University of Michigan; University of Iowa; University of Washington; Northern Illinois University; Milwaukee County Federated Libraries; University of North Carolina, Asheville.

Issues:Valor V1 N1 Nov 18 1950
Valor V1 N2 Dec 4 1950
Valor V1 N3 Dec 18 1950
Valor V1 N19 Jul 4 1951
Valor V3 N15 Aug 9 1952
Valor V10 N2 Jan 1957

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