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Periodical: Teosofia | Theosophia (Madrid/Barcelona)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista de Sintesis Espiritual.
Other titles: Theosophía
1932–1933 Monthly
Madrid, then Barcelona, Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Francisco Brualla, Federico Climent Terrer.
Succeeds: Sophia and El Loto Blanco combined to form. Succeeded by: Theosophia—>Sophia (1936)
1/1, January 1932-December 1933. 40 pp.

This was was a standard Adyar Theosophical journal of the period; it was the combination of Sophia and El Loto Blanco. In January 1934, with 3/1, the journal was moved to Barcelona under the name Theosophia. Noted in Mario Roso de Luna, Del Arbol de las Hesperides: Cuentos Teosoficos Españoles (Barcelona, Spain: Biblioteca de las Maravillas, 2006), 14-16; Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola; Rama Arjuna, Barcelona,

Revista de Sintesis Espiritual.
1934–1936 Monthly
Barcelona, Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Francisco Brualla.
Succeeds: Sophia; El Loto Blanco; Teosofia. Succeeded by: Sophia (1936)
3/1, January-April, 1934. 12 pesetas a year.

The volume numbering continues that of its predecessor. Reproduced from typescript. The journal claimed to be the successor of Sophia and El Loto Blanco, but really was a new departure in its approach to Theosophy because it was so heavily influenced by the ideas of Alice Bailey and the Arcane School. Brualla fled to Argentina during the Spanish Civil war and there started the Escuela Arcana under the influence of Bailey’s version of Theosophy. Arjuna Lodge, Barcelona, online at

Teosofia V2 N2 Feb 1933
Teosofia V2 N3 Mar 1933
Teosofia V2 N4 Apr 1933
Teosofia V2 N5 May 1933
Teosofia V2 N6 Jun 1933
Teosofia V2 N7 Jul 1933
Teosofia V2 N8 Aug 1933
Teosofia V2 N10 Oct 1933
Teosofia V2 N12 Dec 1933
Theosofia V3 N1 Jan 1934
Theosophia V3 N1 Jan 1934
Theosophia V3 N2 Feb 1934
Theosophia V3 N3 Mar 1934
Theosophia V3 N4 Apr 1934
Theosophia V3 N11 Nov 1934
Theosophia V3 N12 Dec 1934

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