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Periodical: Reincarnation

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Reincarnation / Re-Incarnation.
Official Organ of Karma and Reincarnation Legion.
To Popularize the Teachings of Karma and Reincarnation
Other titles: Karma and Reincarnation
1914—1925? Monthly
Chicago, IL. Editor: Weller Van Hook and Conrad Shuddemagen (C. L. B. Shudeman).
Corporate author: Karma and Reincarnation League/Legion
1/1, January 1914-1925(?). Fifty cents a year, 32 pp.

The journal's prospectus said that its purpose was "to place before the reader the fact of man's recurring life in physical bodies and the law of Karma, which necessitates that return. It makes a great effort to maintain accuracy, simplicity and directness of expression. A part of the magazine is devoted to the interests of those who are pursuing the more accurate study of the laws of spiritual evolution." The journal featured articles by Van Hook and Shuddemagen on various doctrinal intricacies of reincarnation, and reports on the doings of their Karma and Reincarnation League/Legion. Van Hook (1862-1933), a prominent Chicago surgeon, was the General Secretary of the American Section of the Theosophical Society when he started the League, in 1907, and this journal became its official organ when it was started in 1914. He is notable because of his inflexible support of C.W. Leadbeater in the various scandals of the first decade of the century and for his belief (shared by Besant and Leadbeater) that his son, Hubert, was to be the vessel for the coming of Lord Maitreya -- a belief shattered by the appearance of Krishnamurti. (Hubert later was one of those who claimed to have been abused by Leadbeater as a boy.) Noted in William C. Hartmann's Who’s Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925). LOC; Cleveland Public Library; University of Illinois at Urbana; Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht; BNF; and others.

Issues:Reincarnation V1 Index 1914
Reincarnation V1 N1 Jan 1914
Reincarnation V1 N2 Feb 1914
Reincarnation V1 N3 Mar 1914
Reincarnation V1 N4 Apr 1914
Reincarnation V1 N5 May 1914
Reincarnation V1 N6 Jun 1914
Reincarnation V1 N7 Jul 1914
Reincarnation V1 N8 Aug 1914
Reincarnation V1 N9 Sep 1914
Reincarnation V1 N10 Oct 1914
Reincarnation V1 N11 Nov 1914
Reincarnation V1 N12 Dec 1914
Reincarnation V2 Index 1915
Reincarnation V2 N1 Jan 1915
Reincarnation V2 N2 Feb 1915
Reincarnation V2 N3 Mar 1915
Reincarnation V2 N4 Apr 1915
Reincarnation V2 N5 May 1915
Reincarnation V2 N6 Jun 1915
Reincarnation V2 N7 Jul 1915
Reincarnation V2 N8 Aug 1915
Reincarnation V2 N9 Sep 1915
Reincarnation V2 N10 Oct 1915
Reincarnation V2 N11 Nov 1915
Reincarnation V2 N12 Dec 1915
Reincarnation V3 Index 1916
Reincarnation V3 N1 Jan 1916
Reincarnation V3 N2 Feb 1916
Reincarnation V3 N3 Mar 1916
Reincarnation V3 N4 Apr 1916
Reincarnation V3 N5 May 1916
Reincarnation V3 N6 Jun 1916
Reincarnation V3 N7 Jul 1916
Reincarnation V3 N8 Aug 1916
Reincarnation V3 N9 Sep 1916
Reincarnation V3 N10 Oct 1916
Reincarnation V3 N11 Nov 1916
Reincarnation V3 N12 Dec 1916
Reincarnation V4 Index 1917-18
Reincarnation V4 N1 Jan-Feb 1917
Reincarnation V4 N2 Mar-Apr 1917
Reincarnation V4 N3 May-Jun 1917
Reincarnation V4 N4 Jul-Aug 1917
Reincarnation V4 N5 Sep-Oct 1917
Reincarnation V4 N6 Nov-Dec 1917
Reincarnation V4 N7 Jan-Feb 1918
Reincarnation V4 N8 Mar-Apr 1918
Reincarnation V4 N9 May-Jun 1918
Reincarnation V4 N10 Jul-Aug 1918
Reincarnation V4 N11 Sep-Oct 1918
Reincarnation V4 N12 Nov-Dec 1918
Reincarnation V5 Index 191-20
Reincarnation V5 N1 Jan-Feb 1919
Reincarnation V5 N2 Mar-Apr 1919
Reincarnation V5 N3 May-Jun 1919
Reincarnation V5 N4 Jul-Aug 1919
Reincarnation V5 N5 Sep-Oct 1919
Reincarnation V5 N6 Nov-Dec 1919
Reincarnation V5 N7 Jan-Feb 1920
Reincarnation V5 N8 Mar-Apr 1920
Reincarnation V5 N9 May-Jun 1920
Reincarnation V5 N10 Jul-Aug 1920
Reincarnation V5 N11 Sep-Oct 1920
Reincarnation V5 N12 Nov-Dec 1920
Reincarnation V6 Index 1921-24
Reincarnation V6 N1 Jan-feb 1921
Reincarnation V6 N2 Mar-apr 1921
Reincarnation V6 N3 May-jun 1921
Reincarnation V6 N4 Jul-aug 1921
Reincarnation V6 N5 Sep-oct 1921
Reincarnation V6 N6 Nov-dec 1921
Reincarnation V6 N7 May 8 1922
Reincarnation V6 N8 Oct 28 1922
Reincarnation V6 N9 Mar 23 1923
Reincarnation V6 N10 Feb 1924
Reincarnation V6 N11 May 1924
Reincarnation V6 N12 Oct 1924
Reincarnation V7 Index 1925-1931
Reincarnation V7 N1 Mar 1925
Reincarnation V7 N2 Jan 1926
Reincarnation V7 N3 Mar-Apr 1926
Reincarnation V7 N4 May-Aug 1926
Reincarnation V7 N5 Sep 1926-Jan 1927
Reincarnation V7 N6 Feb-Aug 1927
Reincarnation V7 N7 Sep 1927-Mar 1928
Reincarnation V7 N8 Mar 1928-Dec 1929
Reincarnation V7 N9 Jan-Aug 1930
Reincarnation V7 N10 Jan 1931
Reincarnation V7 N11 Feb-Dec 1931

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