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Periodical: Reality

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Bahai Magazine / An Independent Bahai Magazine / A Real Magazine for Real Purpose.
A Real Magazine for Real People / The Oneness of Mankind
1919-1929 Monthly
New York, NY and Washington, D.C.. Language: English, with Abdul Bahai written in Arabic. Publisher: Reality Publishing Co.. Editor: Dr. Harrison G. Dyar; Wandeyne Deuth and Eugene Deuth.
1/1, 1919-1929. $2.25-$3.00 a year, 44 pp.

The prospectus for the journal says that "its dominant spirit is 'Investigation.' To be sure, it calls special attention to the Bahai Revelation, because from a profound study of that Revelation it believes it to be worthy of a broader field of discussion and investigation than it has had heretofore. Reality also believes in this Revelation as embodying all forms of modern and ancient thought, with a special significance at this time." The Bahai religion had an enormous attraction for those drawn to New Thought, occultism, Theosophy, and eastern religions in the first quarter of the twentieth century because of its generally non-specific beliefs and association with actual, historical oriental sages. Contributions by Eugene del Mar, Arthur J. Reeder, Mary Hanford Ford (an exponent of man’s primordial bi-sexuality), and others, and extensive advertisements for the whole spectrum of contemporary mages, healers, clairvoyants, mediums, peddlers of success, astrologers, etc. ("The Miracle Man of Chicago," "Christ-Way College of Occult Science, Incorporated," "The Aquarian Ministry," "School of the Chemistry of Life," "Prof. C. Braganza, The Prodigy of Occult Arts, Sciences and Psychic Phenomena," "Orcella Rexford, B.C., Color and Name Psychologist," "Dr. Edward L. Fernald’s Regeneration System," "The College of Devine [sic] Metaphysics, Inc."). Noted in William C. Hartmann’s Who’s Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925). LOC.

Issues:Reality V3 Jan-May 1921
Reality V4 Jun-Dec 1921

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