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Periodical: Ilisos

Summary: Ilisos.
Triminiaion Periodikon.
Research, Philosophy, Art
1956 Quarterly, bimonthly
Athens, Greece. Language: Greek. Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House of Greece.
1/1, May 1956-current Free with membership in the Adyar Theosophical Society, of which this is the organ.

Maria Vasilopoulou has provided this description of the journal:

    Ilisos is the bimonthly journal of the Theosophical Society in Greece. It is printed by the Theosophical Publishing House of Greece. It has been published annually since 1956 to our days.

    The first editor was Kostas Melissaropoulos and Christos Rizopoulos was appointed an editor of the issues 38-39 in 1965.

The issues of the journal in were contributed by Georgios Chimaras from his personal collection of 300 issues. Maria Vasilopoulos provided her technical resources and knowledge in the processing and digitization of the journal.

The journal is said to have approximately 500 subscribers. Utrecht University.

Issues:Ilisos N01 May 1956
Ilisos N02 Jul 1956
Ilisos N03 Oct 1956
Ilisos N04 Dec 1956
Ilisos N05 Mar 1957
Ilisos N06 Jun 1957
Ilisos N07 Sep 1957
Ilisos N08 Dec 1957
Ilisos N09 Apr 1958
Ilisos N10 Aug 1958
Ilisos N11 Oct 1958
Ilisos N12 Dec 1958
Ilisos N13 Apr 1959
Ilisos N14 Jun 1959
Ilisos N15 Oct 1959
Ilisos N16 Dec 1959
Ilisos N17 Mar 1960
Ilisos N18 Jun 1960
Ilisos N19 Sep 1960
Ilisos N20 Dec 1960
Ilisos N21 Jan 1961
Ilisos N22 Apr 1961
Ilisos N23 Sep 1961
Ilisos N24 Dec 1961
Ilisos N25 Mar 1962
Ilisos N26 Jun 1962
Ilisos N27 Oct 1962
Ilisos N28 Dec 1962
Ilisos N29 Mar 1963
Ilisos N30 Jun 1963
Ilisos N31 Sep 1963
Ilisos N32 Dec 1963
Ilisos N33 Mar 1964
Ilisos N34 Jun 1964
Ilisos N35 Sep 1964
Ilisos N36 Dec 1964
Ilisos N37-38 Mar 1965
Ilisos N39 Jun 1965
Ilisos N40 Aug 1965
Ilisos N41 Oct 1965
Ilisos N42 Dec 1965
Ilisos N43 Feb 1966
Ilisos N44 Apr 1966
Ilisos N45 Jun 1966
Ilisos N46-47 Oct 1966
Ilisos N48 Dec 1966
Ilisos N49 Feb 1967
Ilisos N50 Apr 1967
Ilisos N51 Jun 1967
Ilisos N52 Aug 1967
Ilisos N53 Oct 1967
Ilisos N54 Dec 1967
Ilisos N55-56 Feb 1968
Ilisos N57-58 Apr 1968
Ilisos N59-60 Jun 1968
Ilisos N61-62 Aug 1968
Ilisos N63-64 Oct 1968
Ilisos N65-66 Dec 1968
Ilisos N67-68 Feb 1969
Ilisos N69-70 Apr 1969
Ilisos N71-72 Jun 1969
Ilisos N73-74 Aug 1969
Ilisos N75-76 Oct 1969
Ilisos N77-78 Dec 1969
Ilisos N79 Feb 1970
Ilisos N80 Apr 1970
Ilisos N81 Jun 1970a
Ilisos N81 Jun 1970b
Ilisos N82 Aug 1970
Ilisos N83 Oct 1970
Ilisos N84 Dec 1970
Ilisos N85 Feb 1971
Ilisos N86 Apr 1971
Ilisos N87 Jun 1971
Ilisos N88 Aug 1971
Ilisos N89 Oct 1971
Ilisos N90 Dec 1971
Ilisos N91 Feb 1972
Ilisos N92 Apr 1972
Ilisos N93 Jun 1972
Ilisos N94 Aug 1972
Ilisos N95 Oct 1972
Ilisos N96 Dec 1972
Ilisos N97 Feb 1973
Ilisos N98 Apr 1973
Ilisos N99-100 Aug 1973

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