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Periodical: Evolucion [Barcelona]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Evolucion, La.
Revista Mensual de Espiritismo Progresivo.
1903-1915? Monthly
Barcelona, Spain. Language: Spanish. Publisher: Alfin: Pedro Toll. Editor: Manuel Navarro y Murillo.
1/1, July 1903-1915. 8 pp.
The journal espoused, besides spiritism (and also opposition to bullfighting), a strong philosophical pacifism. Navarro Murillo had been editor of Luz y Union, Revista de Estudios Psicologicos before resigning to start this journal. His daughter Matilde Navarro Alonso collaborated in the journal, publishing her spiritualist poems, as did a variety of international Spanish-speaking spiritualists. Noted in Oscar M. Garcia Rodriguez, “Hemerografia Espiritista Espaola, 1857-1936,” Biblioteca Nacional de Espana (1911-1915); Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola.

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Evolucion V9 N5 1911 Nov
Evolucion V9 N6 1911 Dec
Evolucion V9 N7 1912 Jan
Evolucion V9 N8 1912 Feb
Evolucion V9 N9 1912 Mar
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Evolucion V10 N12 1913 Jun
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Evolucion V11 N8 1914 Feb
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Evolucion V11 N10 1914 Apr
Evolucion V11 N11 1914 May
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Evolucion V12 N10 1915 Apr.
Evolucion V12 N11 1915 May
Evolucion V12 N12 1915 Jul

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