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Periodical: Eltka

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Magazine of xxth Century Psychology Practically Applied to the Art of Living / A monthly magazine devoted to Science, Philosophy and Religion; advocating the Harmonious Development of man's three-fold nature-Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Special interest to those interested in Psychical Research / A Magazine Edited for Thoughtful People / Psychology and Psychic Phenomena, Physical, Mental, and Soul Culture.
Look not for the error of it; look for the truth of it
1901-1906? Monthly
Corry, PA. Publisher: Wright Co.. Editor: H.C. Wright.
1/1, January 1901. Not published April 1904-May 1905; August 1905-September 1906. 24-28 pp., 50 cents a year. Contributions by or excerpts from the leading lights of the New Thought establishment (A.C. Halphide, Horatio W. Dresser, Eugene Del Mar, Frank C. Haddock, Henry Frank, Paul Tyner, et al.) and by many less well known writers of the time. The centerpiece of the journal's business plan was the Home Study Center or Home Study Library, whose members could pay for any book being published, read it, and return it for a refund of 90% of the cost-a lending library, in other words. Borrowers automatically became members of The Illuminati, an organization started by the journal whose sole function, besides a monthly column named "Rays of Light," seems to have been to further the book-lending business. Contributors to the journal, especially those who had books of their own to sell, began to list "Fellow of the Illuminati" next to their names and found their works prominently listed in the Home Study Center. The list of Illuminati by 1904 included Edward Everett Hale, Abraham H. Daley, Oliver C. Sabin, Horatio W. Dresser, A.C. Halphide, Eugene Del Mar, Henry Frank, Karl H. von Wiegand, and many others The journal was noted in Now, 1902 (which calls it "more like a review among the New Thought journals") and in The Mazdaznan, 1904, and advertised in Adiramled in April of the same year. The advertisement for the journal in Wings of Truth, 1903, calls it "A monthly magazine devoted to Science, Philosophy, and Religion; advocating the Harmonious Development of man's three-fold nature-Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Of especial interest to all who are interested in Psychical Research." Wright was a contributor to Spiritism, Telepathy and Mrs. Piper, and in 1900 obtained a charter for the "Eltka" branch of the Theosophical Society in Corry, Pennsylvania. University of North Carolina (1 issue); LOC.

Issues:Eltka V5 N25 Jan 1903
Eltka V5 N26 Feb 1903
Eltka V5 N27 Mar 1903
Eltka V5 N28 Apr 1903
Eltka V5 N29 May 1903
Eltka V5 N30 Jun 1903
Eltka V5 N31 Jul 1903 Partial
Eltka V6 N32 Aug 1903
Eltka V6 N33 Sep 1903
Eltka V6 N34 Oct 1903
Eltka V6 N35 Nov 1903
Eltka V6 N36 Dec 1903
Eltka V5-6 Wrappers
Eltka V7 N37 Jan 1904
Eltka V7 N38 Feb 1904
Eltka V7 N39 Mar 1904
Eltka V7 N40 Apr 1904
Eltka V7 N41 May 1905
Eltka V7 N42 Jun 1905
Eltka V8 N43 Jul 1905
Eltka V8 N44 Aug 1905
Eltka V8 N45 Sep 1905
Eltka V8 N46 Oct 1905
Eltka V8 N47 Nov 1905

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