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Periodical: Divine Science Monthly

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Divine Science Monthly.
1935--1950 Monthly
Denver, CO. Publisher: Colorado College of Divine Science
Editor: Nona Brooks; Harvey Hardman.
Succeeds: Fulfillment (1902-1906)-->Divine Science Quarterly (1906-1912)-->Power Magazine (1912?-1915)-->Aspire to Better Living (1916)-->Daily Studies in Divine Science (1916- 1935?)-->Divine Science Weekly (1919-1925)-->First Divine Science Church Weekly Bulletin (1928-1937) Succeeded by: Aspire (1951-?)-->Divine Science News (1943?)-->Divine Science Messenger (1976-1983?)
20/1, 1935-1950(?) $1.50 a year. 64 pp., 4 x 6 1/2. Volume numbering continues that of Divine Science Weekly.

This was the organ of Nona L. Brooks' Divine Science College, founded in Denver in 1898, and of the First Divine Science Church. The journal carried articles by Brooks, Emmet Fox, Harvey Hardman, Frederic Van Rensselaer Day, and others, and usually included "Daily Studies in Divine Science" for the coming month, and a "Healing Department." During the 1940s it had Divine Science News as a companion journal, devoted more to news and events. Denver Public Library; Northwestern University; INTA; NSAC Lily Dale (1 issue, 1936).

Issues:Divine Science Monthly V15 N7 Jul 1930
Divine Science Monthly V20 N1 Jan 1935
Divine Science Monthly V21 N3 Mar 1936

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