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Periodical: The Dissector

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

New York Dissector.
Quarterly Journal of Medicine, Surgery, Magnetism, Mesmerism and the Collateral Dciences with the Mysteries and Fallacies of the Faculty.
1844—1847 Quarterly
New York, NY.
1/1, 1844-1847.

A mixture of mesmerism and contemporary medicine. Contributions (on Pathetism) by La Roy Sunderland. NYU; Academy of Medicine; NY Historical Society; University of Chicago; National Library of Medicine.

Issues:Dissector V1 Index 1844
Dissector V1 N1 Jan 1844
Dissector V1 N2 Apr 1844
Dissector V1 N3 Jul 1844
Dissector V1 N4 Oct 1844
Dissector V2 Index 1845
Dissector V2 N1 Jan 1845
Dissector V2 N2 Apr 1845
Dissector V2 N3 Jul 1845
Dissector V2 N4 Oct 1845
Dissector V3 Index 1846
Dissector V3 N1 Jan 1846
Dissector V3 N2 Apr 1846
Dissector V3 N3 Jul 1846
Dissector V3 N4 Oct 1846
Dissector V4 N1 Jan 1847
Dissector V4 N2 Apr 1847
Dissector V4 N3 Jul 1847
Dissector V4 N4 Dec 1847

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