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Periodical: Cosme Monthly

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Cosme Monthly.
1894–1904 Monthly, then quarterly
Colonia Cosme, via Caazapa, Paraguay. Language: English. Editor: William Lane; Mary Gilmore.
1/1, November 1894-June 1904.

This was properly a utopian socialist journal, detailing the life of the Colonia Cosme founded in Paraguay in 1894 by Australians led by William Lane ( -1917), but the members must have had certain occult or spiritual interests since they included Occult Truths, The World's Advanced Thought, The Universal Republic, The Occult Truth Seeker, and Light among the magazine's exchanges. They also read Maria Correlli's novels at their meetings. Noted in Occult Truths, 1901 and New Man, October-November 1900. The journal was originally handwritten, but later issues were printed. It ceased after dissension in 1904, and the colony was dissolved in 1909. The journal in is now online at State Library of South Australia.

Issues:Cosme Monthly Nov 1894
Cosme Monthly Mar 1897

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