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Periodical: Conable's Path-Finder

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Path-Finder, The.
A Monthly Journal Devoted to Philosophy and the Higher Development of the Human Race-Physical and Metaphysical / Devoted to Literature.
Other titles: Conable's Path-Finder
Roswell, CO, then Jamaca, CA. Publisher: The Path-Finder Publishing Co.. Editor: Edwar Wallace Conable and Louise A. Conable; Mrs. E.A. Moon, secretary and treasurer. Succeeded by: Growth
1/1, 1901-1906. 12 pp., 50 cents - $1.00 a year.

Beginning in 1906 the journal was called Conable's Path-Finder. Conable (1850-1909) was an early natural-foods advocate, author, for example, of Solution of the Kitchen Problem for Woman, on the wonders of uncooked food, but was best known as a "faster," a proponent of physical immortality. He treated the ill and obese at his Conable Sanatorium and Health Institute in Jamacha, California, near San Diego. This was recommended by Charles Lincoln Phifer, the utopian socialist and spiritualist, in The Social Thought, March 1903. Noted in Wings of Truth, 1902, and advertised in Adiramled, January 1902. Its revival "after a period of rest" is noted in Unity, 1907. LOC.

Issues:Path-Finder V2 N1 Oct 1902
Path-Finder V2 N2 Nov 1902
Path-Finder V2 N3 Dec 1902
Path-Finder V2 N4 Jan 1903
Path-Finder V2 N5 Feb 1903
Path-Finder V2 N6 Mar 1903
Path-Finder V2 N7 Apr 1903
Path-Finder V2 N8 May 1903
Path-Finder V2 N9 Jun 1903
Path-Finder V2 N10-11 Jul-Aug 1903
Path-Finder V2 N12 Sep 1903
Path-Finder V3 N1 Jan 1904
Path-Finder V3 N2 Feb 1904
Path-Finder V3 N3 Mar 1904
Path-Finder V3 N4 Apr 1904
Path-Finder V3 N5 May 1904
Path-Finder V3 N6 Jun 1904
Path-Finder V3 N7 Jul 1904
Path-Finder V3 N8 Aug 1904
Path-Finder V3 N9 Sep 1904
Path-Finder V3 N10 Oct 1942
Path-Finder V3 N11 Nov 1904
Path-Finder V3 N12 Dec 1904
Path-Finder V4 N1 Jan 1905
Path-Finder V4 N2 Feb 1905
Path-Finder V4 N3 Mar 1905
Path-Finder V4 N4 Apr 1905
Path-Finder V4 N5 May 1905
Path-Finder V4 N6 Jun 1905
Path-Finder V4 N7 Jul 1905
Path-Finder V4 N8 Aug 1905
Path-Finder V4 N9 Sep 1905
Path-Finder V4 N10 Oct 1905
Path-Finder V4 N11 Nov 1905
Path-Finder V4 N12 Dec 1905
Path-Finder V5 N1 Jan 1906
Path-Finder V5 N2 Feb 1906
Path-Finder V5 N3 Mar 1906
Path-Finder V5 N4 Apr 1906
Path-Finder V5 N5 May 1906
Path-Finder V5 N6 Jun 1906
Path-Finder V5 N7 Jul 1906

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