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This information is provided for IAPSOP contributors in need of information on how to process materials for publication on IAPSOP, using prosumer digital SLR cameras, which can typically be purchased for less than $600, not including the required SD storage card.

These processes employ Adobe Acrobat Pro and ABBYY Fine Reader and optionally an image editor like GIMP or Photoshop.

    Paper to PDF, Contactless: a 200 MB ZIPd movie showing the process of using a Fujitsu SV600 contactless scanner to produce an indexed PDF of a month's worth of The Medium & Daybreak.

    Paper to PDF, Disbinding: a 1.2 GB ZIPd movie showing the disbinding, trimming, sheet-feed scanning, indexing and file optimization of a book. Not recommended if you are overly reverent about "the book."

    Original to JPG: [To be added] -- A movie and document describing the process of using a prosumer digital camera to capture a periodical issue in situ.

    Camera JPG to PDF: A 400 MB ZIPd movie and document describing the process of turning camera JPGs into a finished, publication-ready PDF.

      Along these lines, a before and after comparison of the input/output of this workflow, with an issue of New Thought (Chicago) from 1905 as the exemplar -- effects produced by ABBYY Fine Reader Pro.

    TIFF to PDF: The process for turning TIFF images provided by a library or service bureau into finished PDF is substantially the same as Camera JPG to PDF above.

    Splitting pages: A 200 MB ZIPd movie covering the processing for turning a two-page spread (digitized) into single-page images, using ABBYY Fine Reader Pro. Often useful when working with digitized photocopies.

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