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The DCČH Wing of IAPSOP provides a point of easy access to the contributions made to IAPSOP's archive by the Dokumentační Centrum Českého Hermetismu (DCČH) -- one of IAPSOP's leading contributors of Eastern European occult materials.

Exploration of Czech hermetic history is a difficult task, due to lack of interest from professional historians, rare materials scattered across private archives, and destruction of primary materials.

The Dokumentační Centrum Českého Hermetismu (DCČH) was established in June of 2001 to ensure that the evidence of the spiritual endeavors of Czech individuals and groups will be preserved for future generations.

The DCČH is run by professional librarian Petr Kalač whose skills ensure proper treatment of archival materials in the DCČH archive, which seeks to create and maintain a comprehensive body of material representing the Czech hermetic scene. Other significant colleagues participating in the DCČH project are editor and translator Loukáš Loužecký and correspondent Tomáš Hoyer.

The DCČH would be interested in the contribution of any materials regarding the history of Czech hermeticism, and is particularly interested in first-person accounts of modern Czech hermeticism.

Contact the DCČH via their website.

Journals Herold (Prague): IAPSOP's run of Herold was contributed by DCČH.

Horev (Prague): IAPSOP's run of Horev was contributed by DCČH.

Sbornik Pro Filosofii Mystiku a Okkultismus: IAPSOP's run of Sbornik Pro Filosofii Mystiku a Okkultismus was contributed by DCČH.

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