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Periodical: Horev [Prague]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Review for Comparative Study of traditional Philosophy and Religion.
1938—1939 Irregular
Prague, Czechoslovakia (Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren). Language: Czech. Publisher: Horev-Club of Prague. Editor: Pierre de Lasenic and Oldřich Eliáš.
1/1, 1938-1/12-14, October 20, 1939.

This was published by the Horev-Club of Prague, led by Pierre de Lasenic (born Petr Kohout, 17. 5. 1900 − 23. 6. 1944),), and under the editorial supervision of Oldřich Eliáš (24. 9. 1895 − 8. 11. 1941). The program of the Horev-Club, which never had more than twenty members, was the study of ancient Egyptian esotericism, Martinism and classical Hermeticism and its symbolism. The Club resembled an esoteric lodge, and club held debates on a variety of esoteric topics and carried out alchemic, spagyric and magic work, including the observation and photography of elemental beings. Lasenic founded the Horev-Club after unsuccessfully attempting to start a Eulis-Club near Prague that focused on sexual mysteries.

Only Czech authors contributed to the magazine, mostly members of Horev-Klub itself: Pierre de Lasenic, Oldřich Eliáš, Josef Zavadil, Vladislav Kužel, Ladislav Klíma (post mortem), Karel Nissa and others, largely hidden under cipher names. See Lukáš Loužecký, “Pierre de Lasenic and his disciples” and Lukáš Loužecký (eds.): Pierre de Lasenic, “Lectures for Universalia and Horev-klub.“ Praha, Vodnář 2014. Lasenic’s “Tarot, the Key to Initiation,” together with Lasenic’s tarot card deck (created with academic painter Vladislav Kužel (16. 3. 1898 – 1965)), was serialized in the journal.

The Horev-Klub was disbanded by order of the German Secret Police on July 27th 1941. The journal was printed by the printing company of M. Bureš, and is discussed in Peter Kalač, “A Brief History of the Czech Esoteric Scene from the Late 19th Century to 1989,”

Contributed by Tomáš Hoyer, DCCH.

Issues:Horev 1938-1939

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