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Periodical: The Word

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Word, The.
A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion, Eastern Thought, Occultism, Theosophy and the Brotherhood of Humanity.
New York, NY. Publisher: H.W. Percival. Editor: Harold Waldwin Percival.
1/1, October 21, 1904-25/6, September 1917. 64 pp. $4.00 a year.

The journal also lists Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. of London as its English publisher. Percival (1868-1953) was an astrologer and independent Theosophist, author of the well-regarded Thinking and Destiny, with a Brief Account of the Descent of Man into this Human World, and, How He Will Return to the Eternal Order of Progression (New York: The Word Foundation). The journal eschewed the flashier aspects of the current New Thought and occultism, and instead presented lengthy, thoughtful articles (of a generally Platonic cast) on subjects from the world occult tradition. Its purpose was set out on the inside of its front cover: "This magazine is designed to bring all who may read its pages the message of the soul. The message is, man is more than an animal in drapings of cloth-he is divine, though his divinity be masked by, and hidden in, the coils of flesh." The Word notably published a partial translation of the Zohar, excerpts from Eliphas Levi, and articles by Alexander Wilder (on the story of his life and his relationship with H.P. Blavatsky), Laura C. Halloway Langford, Paul F. Case, C.H.A. Bjerregaard, and many others. The Word Foundation continued Percival's work and published a journal under this name in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s. A large selection of Percival's editorials from The Word is now online, including his thoughts on Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas, Cycles, Desire, Glamour, Individuality, Karma, Mirrors, Sex, the Zodiac, etc. "The Early Writings of Harold W. Percival," online at (The URL "tandd" stands for Thinking and Destiny.) NYPL microfilm; LOC; ZDB: Regensburg UB; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Dresden SLUB, ZB; UMI microfilm.

Issues:Word V1 Oct 1904-Sep 1905
Word V2 Oct 1905-Mar 1906
Word V3 Apr 1906-Sep 1906
Word V4 Oct 1906-Mar 1907
Word V5 Apr 1907-Sep 1907
Word V6 Oct 1907-Mar 1908
Word V7 Apr 1908-Sep 1908
Word V8 Oct 1908-Mar 1909
Word V9 Apr 1909-Sep 1909
Word V10 Oct 1909-Mar 1910
Word V11 Apr 1910-Sep 1910
Word V12 Oct 1901-Mar 1911
Word V13 Apr 1911-Sep 1911
Word V14 Oct 1911-Mar 1912
Word V15 Apr 1912-Sep 1912
Word V16 Oct 1912-Mar 1913
Word V17 Apr 1913-Sep 1913
Word V17 Apr 1913-Sep 1913
Word V18 Oct 1913-Mar 1914
Word V19 Apr 1914-Sep 1914
Word V20 Oct 1914-Mar 1915
Word V21 Apr 1915-Sep 1915
Word V22 Oct 1915-Mar 1916
Word V23 Apr 1916-Sep 1916
Word V24 Oct 1916-Mar 1917
Word V25 Apr 1917-Sep 1917

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