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Periodical: Washington News Letter

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Washington News Letter, The.
An Advocate of Divine Healing / A Monthly Magazine of Divine Healing.
Unchain the Truth, It Shall Be Free
1896--1920? Monthly
Washington, D.C.. Publisher: Oliver Corwin Sabin, Paulina B. Sabin, Bettie C. Sabin. Editor: Bishop Oliver C. Sabin; Oliver C. Sabin, Jr.
Corporate author: Reformed Christian Church
1/1, Oct 1896-1920(?) 68 pp., $1.00 a year.

This was a family affair started by Bishop/Colonel Oliver Corwin Sabin and then continued by his son and other members of the family. Initially it was an orthodox exponent of Christian Science, but in 1899 it became the mouthpiece of what Sabin thought of as "Evangelical" Christian Science--a fairly normal version of New Thought with a heavily Christian slant. H.H. Brown's New Thought Primer (1903), 53, says: "Aside from its close adhesion to Biblical terms and interpretations it has nothing that differentiates it from other phases of New Thought." The journal regularly touted and advertised the Sabins' courses of lessons and their university. Noted in Unity and The Stellar Ray, 1907, in The Mountain Pine, May 1908, and in the exchanges of The Master Mind, 1918. Vol. 24 was 1918-1919.

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Washington News Letter V23 1917-1918

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