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Periodical: Universal Truth

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Universal Truth.
A Monthly Magazine Teaching that Knowledge, Health, Love and Abundance are Omnipresent now, and are for Everyone who Chooses to Appropriate Them / A Magazine Filled with Rich Soul Food and Instructions How to Keep Happy and Well.
My Words Shall Not Pass Away
1894--1901 Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: F. M. Harley Publishing Company; Universal Truth Publishing Company. Editor: Fanny M. Harley, Annie Rix Militz; Cassius M. Loomis ("Alwyn M. Thurber").
Succeeds: Christian Science (Chicago)-->The Bluebird Succeeded by: Mind (consolidated with April 1901)
6/1, September 1894-March 1901. 16-32 pp., $1.00-$2.00 a year.

The volume numbering continues that of Christian Science (Chicago)and its intermediate successors. Fanny Harley (Fanny Louise Middleton Harley) had helped Ida Nichols edit Christian Science, which was in effect the organ of the breakaway Christian Scientists centered around Emma Curtis Hopkins (1853-1925), and then took over the journal in 1889 (or 1891), renaming it the Bluebird before settling on Universal Truth, probably with volume 6 in September 1894. In January 1900 the journal changed hands, probably bought by Charles Brodie Patterson, and was published first by Universal Truth Publishing Company of Chicago, and then in March 1901 merged into Patterson's Mind, as part of his business plan to consolidate New Thought journals while broadening their coverage. While Harley continued to contribute to the journal, Cassius Loomis ("Alwyn M. Thurber") was brought in as editor to "engage able authors to write for its pages" to cover a "broader field." The journal under Harley's management emphasized the standard New Thought truths that abundance, knowledge, health, love and happiness were omnipresent and available for the taking -- by those who knew how to obtain the ideal held out in Christ's promise that "Greater things than these ye may do." The journal was started at the point where dissatisfied Christian Scientists were, more for legal than for doctrinal reasons, separating themselves from M.B. Eddy's Mother Church and trying to determine their relationship with the original -- and at the same time beginning to stake out their own positions. on God, reality, and Mind, and it is a who's who of the early Chicago New Thought proponents. Harley contributed her "Simplified Lessons in the Science of Being" and "Healing Paragraphs" (later published in book form as Heilbron: Drops from the Fountain of Health (1898) and Sermonettes from Mother Goose for Big Folks (1895). Helen Van Anderson (who had perhaps help edit the journal earlier when it was called Uncensored Truth), contributed her novel of a boy and his sage dog later published as The Story of Teddy), Annie Rix Militz contributed "International Bible Lessons"), as did Ursula Gestefeld and Van Anderson, and there were regular contributions by Hanna More Kohaus, Henry Wood, A.P. Barton (editor of the Life), Cora Linn Daniels, Jane W. Yarnall, Anna W. Mills, et al. The journal also carried an article on "The New Mexico Messiah" (Francis Schlatter). In later years, after leaving this journal, Harley wrote for the Washington News Letter (on "Forgiveness of Sin"), and made a name for herself as an advocate of dress reform, appearing on Broadway in New York City in January 1918 in trousers. Noted in the exchanges of Metaphysische Rundschau, July 1897, in "List of Advance Thought Publications," New Cycle, March 1900, 159-60, in Notes and Queries, May 1900, and in Metaphysical Magazine, July 1901, 64. Advertised in The Temple, December 1897, and in the Free Man, May 1899. Amherst College; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; LOC.

Issues:Universal Truth V6 N1 Jan 1894
Universal Truth V6 N2 Feb 1894
Universal Truth V6 N3 Mar 1894
Universal Truth V6 N4 Apr 1894
Universal Truth V6 N5 May 1894
Universal Truth V6 N6 Jun 1894
Universal Truth V6 N7 Jul 1894
Universal Truth V6 N8 Aug 1894
Universal Truth V6 N9 Sep 1894
Universal Truth V6 N10 Oct 1894
Universal Truth V6 N11 Nov 1894
Universal Truth V6 N12 Dec 1894 With Adverts And Tables Of Contents

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