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Periodical: Thought (Leavitt)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Magazine of Health and Progress / A Magazine of Advanced Thought for Advanced Thinkers. Appeals Especially to Wide-Awake People.
1904-1908? Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Magnum Bonum Co.. Editor: Sheldon Leavitt, M.D.
1/1, December 1904. 40 pp., $1.00 a year.

The journal proclaimed that it "treats of New Theology, Mental Healing and General Psychic Phenomena." These included discourses on personal magnetism and the like, but Leavitt, who ran a Psycho-Psysiological Clinic in Chicago, seems to have concentrated on what he classified as "obsession and possession" and the New Thought methods (mental strength, self-reliance, "the Laughter Cure," "Confident Expectancy," etc.) of freeing oneself from the influence and control of "disembodied 'spirits' in varying stages of development, and of 'elementals'" who cause many "inebrieties, perversities, epilepsies, neurasthenias, hysterias, incompetencies and crimes." Advertised in The Swastika, January and April 1907. The latter proclaims: "Boston is Aflame with excitement over Psycho-Therapy and the very kind of Psycho-Therapy that 'Thought' advocates. Do you not wish to know about the principles that have stirred up this great Revolution now spreading over the entire Country. Thought, a Magazine of Psycho-Therapy and Psycho-Physiology is full of these truths." The journal was still in existence in October 1908 when it was noted in the Initiates. Harvard University; San Diego State University.

Issues:Thought V3 N12 Dec 1907

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