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Periodical: Teozofija (Zagreb)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Teozofija [Theosophy].
Other titles: Revija Teozofija
1927—1941? Bimonthly, irregular
Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Language: Serbo-Croation. Publisher: Zagreb Theosophical Society of Yugoslavia.
1/1, July 1927. 8-24 pp.

This was a fairly standard local journal of the Adyar Theosophical Society. Theosophy came to Yugoslavia through an art exhibit presented by Alice Adair of Adyar in Belgrade and Zagreb in 1926. Contributions by Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater (whose “Authentic Biography” is printed in the journal), George Arundale, C. Jinarajadasa, et al.

From Nemanja Radulovic: Official journal of the Theosophical Society of Yugoslavia. Translations of Theosophical articles, reports on happenings in world Theosophy, reports on the work of local lodges, in Croatia where the Society was the most active. Thematic isues (100 years from the birth of Blavatsky and Olcott; death of Leadbeater; death of A. Besant; new president Arundale; death of King Alexander of Yugoslavia; 60 years of TS). National and University Library in Zagreb (I, 1,1927-IX, 5-6, 1936); National Library of Serbia 1927-1930; 1932; 1937; Historical Archive, Ljubljana, 1927-1937; issues I, 4, 1928 – IX, 5-6, 1936, at:

Issues:Teozofija V1 N1 Jul 1927
Teozofija V1 N4 May 1928
Teozofija V3 N3 Feb 1930
Teozofija V3 N4 Apr-may 1930
Teozofija V3 N5 Jun-jul 1930
Teozofija V4 1931
Teozofija V5 1932
Teozofija V6 N1 1933
Teozofija V6 N2 1933
Teozofija V6 N3 1933
Teozofija V6 N4 1933
Teozofija V7 N1 1935
Teozofija V7 N1-6 1934
Teozofija V8 N1 1935
Teozofija V8 N2-3 1935
Teozofija V9 N3-4 1936
Teozofija V9 N5-6 1936

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